Hello from the Dordogne

We are canadians living in Montpellier France on long-term Visas. We decided to join THS in june to see as much of France as we can. We are very happy with the results so far. With 4 confirmed sits between June and the end of December, we are away from Montpel for a little over 15 weeks!


Hello and welcome to you both from the Cote d’Or :fr: :wave: We’re glad you found our community!

I’m Vanessa and my partner Ian and I got locked-down in France, became residents, and are also seeing as much of France (and Europe) as we can! After many years house sitting all over the world we decided a more settled lifestyle wouldn’t be a bad thing for a while !!

Great to hear you have 4 sits booked already… where in France have you been on your sits?

Look forward to seeing you around the forum, and maybe around France too!!

All the best, Vanessa and the forum team

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Hi Vanessa and the forum team,

From reading your email it sounds like we are on the same path only you are a bit further. When we grow up we want to be just like you! For now we will be content ticking the boxes.
We have been THS since June this year. Our first sit was an invit. How flattering. We spent 17 days in the midi Pyrénées in august taking care of chickens, quails and ducks, 6 ducklings and Gertrude the goose who thinks she is a duck.
Our second sit was in the pays de Gex with a perfect dog and her boss, the cat. We spent the last month of summer enjoying this most wonderful part of the country. We are currently in the Dordogne region for our third sit - 6 weeks in the company of a German Hunting Terrier. Yup you read me right. Those 3 words really should never have been linked. He is making us better :slight_smile:
We are depending on Diego and Beau to make our first Xmass away from home a good one. They live in Perpignan and will be our hosts for 2 weeks at the end of December.
So far our experience with THS has met our expectations. We have had 6 different invitations from HO who had not looked at our availability before sending their request. Hopefully 2023 will be just as exciting.

Thank you for your email!


What a wonderful compliment and aspiration … you are certainly on your way and with a “german hunting terrier” for 6 weeks, could we have a picture please?

Your journey so far sounds amazing, congratulations.

Now to put you on the spot, what do you believe is the most important thing that has contributed to your @99nomads THS success so far?

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Here is a photo of Dave the famous Jagdterrier / German Hunting Terrier. In this shot he was in the rain for a hike that turned out to be a 4 hour long. Very hardy breed!


Thanks for sharing @99nomads and Dave definitely looks a hardy character. We’ve sat for a few rescued hunting dogs in France (have to say this time of year with “La Chasse” in full flow is not my favourite!), and their stamina is amazing!

I had a holiday property in Fitou for several years not far from Perpignan - will be interested to hear what you think of it! Do you like oysters? They will be sure to feature in your Christmas celebrations if you do!! It was one thing I loved about the area… the oyster beds and little shacks that (over 10 years ago) sold a dozen huitres, bread, butter and a glass of wine for 4 euros!!

Please do keep us updated of your travels and check out this topic where you can keep us up-to-date with your house sits and pets!! :slight_smile: