Hello from the FL Panhandle!

Hi! My name is Stephanie Clark & my husband Scott Vaughn found THS back in 2015. At the time, we were frustrated with the cost & amount of time my dogs got from a paid pet sitter that also had a full time job. At 50.00 +++ a day, I wanted my pets to be on vacation too with fun walks & playtime. But, that paid sitter barely got home in time to feed & let out in the back yard. One too many times of bad reports from my neighbors gave us a reason to take the plunge. We have had at least 8 sitters (mostly a month at a time) over the years and the results & reports were all GOOD!
Now, its our turn. We waited until our old sweet girl of 16 passed, sold our home & moved to the Panhandle. We now have the time & freedom to sit & explore new places. We can’t wait to get started & hope to book our first sit over the Christmas holiday. My professional background demanded strong communication & organization and because of our passion for all animals big & small we were founding members in 2007 of a not for profit rescue Marrvelous Pet Rescues in Key Largo, FL. That I am still on the board of and is thriving today at well over 120 animal placements per year. I hope to meet some of you out there. Let’s get started!


@Stephie Welcome! What part of the Panhandle are you in? We just finished a sit in Pensacola, and this coming Friday we have a THS Meetup for sitters and homeowners, which will be held in downtown Pensacola.

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Welcome; you sound like you will do really well as sitters. Good luck!

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Hi @Stephie. Welcome to the community forum. Thanks for all your work to find forever homes for rescue pets. What a work of passion that must have been. I love all the events Marrvelous Pet Rescues holds, especially the monthly Yappy Hours!

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Thank you!

Thank you for replying! The Yappy Hours are such a hit. The locals bring theirs & the fosters bring the pups looking for their new homes. It is always a good time & gives the humans a place to socialize with purpose!.


Hi Ken & Mary! Thanks for the reply. We are actually in Port St Joe, FL…i think that is about 3 hours west of us…but I really love the idea. I hope it works out for us sometime, somewhere in the future! I really appreciate the reach out.