Hello from W-S, NC, USA

Glad to have found THS and hope to try this as a HO and potentially as a sitter as retirement approaches. Because I didn’t have adequate lead time on this site, I just had a family friend stay with my merry little Boston terrier mix and two good cats and one rude cat while gone for three weeks. Maybe next time I will find a sitter through THS who will enjoy all that Winston-Salem has to commend it. How can I make my pets and my home sound as appealing as they actually are? (I know I could choose to leave out the part about the one rude cat, but I firmly believe in telling the truth!)

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Hi @Julie_e and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. How can you make your listing appealing? Here are the guidelines on how to create your listing:

What should I include in my listing?

Clear photos are important, and make them realistic. Get your home ready as you would if visitors were coming, and THEN take the photos. Too often sitters are turned off by photos of unmade beds, dirty dishes on the table or countertops … you get the picture. Sitters want realistic photos, but also want to see that you’ve put some care and effort into making them look welcoming.

As for your ‘rude cat’, as with all your pets, be honest about their quirks. If it’s a case of its under the bed for days until it decides the sitter is worth meeting, then that’s OK. As long as it’s not a habit that puts the sitter in danger, then admit the quirk, but don’t dwell on it. Hopefully the rude cat has some redeeming qualities, and who knows, may be a sweet as can be with your sitters. :wink:


Hi @Julie_e -And welcome to the Forum and THS - totally agree with @Snowbird -all good advice, especially on accuracy with pets ‘little ways’/quirks, and great but accurate photos .

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