Hello, New Members from San Juan Cosala, Mexico

Upon retiring in our mid-fifties from San Diego, CA, we sold our home and most possessions to begin a full-time life of Rving in the USA and Canada. Over the past 7 year period we enjoyed our true passions of traveling, hiking, nature, and kayaking. Last year after the passing of our beloved cat, Muffy, we decided to continue our adventure in Mexico and are currently completing a one-year rental in the Lake Chapala community in Jalisco Mexico. Upon lease expiration later this year we plan to travel the world full-time so TrustedHousesitters helps fulfill our needs and we hope to fulfill yours too.


Hi @naunomads, welcome to the Community Forum. I absolutely love your story. We plan on spending 3-4 months a year in Mexico once we retire next year, so would love to hear more about your life there while spending a total year. Do you have your temporary residency or will you just be going back and forth during the year? I just can’t wait to get there!

We too lost our precious furbaby last November and have turned our attention to petsitting. Since travel makes it difficult to have your own furbaby, we have loved the opportunity to snuggle up with some of the cutest, cuddliest balls of fur around.

Once again, welcome and if you have any questions, please reach out to not only TrustedHousesitters team members, but also fellow members who are more than willing to help answer any questions you may have.


@Debbie-Moderator, thank you for your post and interest! We obtained permanent residency in Mexico last year which allows us to come and go as we please–no minimum or maximum amount of time in or out of the country. We brought a small amount of personal property to MX and intend to use this area as a home base when not traveling. Our plan is to travel abroad 8-12 months out of every year so THS’s works quite well with those plans around the world. We hope your MX dream comes true!

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