Greetings from Mexico

Hello my name is Claudia and I live in San Miguel de Allende since 2002.
In actuality I have 3 rescued dogs and I am a member of a local animal rescue association named “I love Animalitos.” I understand the importance of respecting all kinds of life and I have experience in caring for animals and respecting owners properties.


Welcome, Claudia! San Miguel is my favorite place in the whole world. I did a sit there in April and am hoping to return in February. I am a homeowner as well as a sitter on the site and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! I, too, rescue animals and have raised dogs for the disabled.

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Hi @Claus and welcome to the forum where you will find so much helpful advice from members who are experienced in both sides of the membership.

You are in an absolutely beautiful area of the World which we can’t wait to visit. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the area.

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Once you sign up, take a look at Trusted Tips - How to get started as a house sitter which will give you such great tips!

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Looking forward to seeing your posts from around the World!

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Hello @Claus and welcome to the forum and THS.
I’ve been hearing great things about San Miguel de Allende, particularly from another THS sitter who was sitting next door to me in the UK a few weeks ago! He’s currently in San M de A so I’ve sent him a link to this thread in case he can arrange to meet up. I don’t know how much longer he’s there.
I’ve certainly added your town to my bucket list!


Hi! Thank you for reaching out. San Miguel is lovely! I had been here for over 20 years. I will be happy to meet him. Feel free to pass my information on, hope to meet you in a near future.
Have a lovely day.