Hey There from Kentucky!

My name is Jessica and my husband is Brandon. We just relocated from northern Indiana to Sparta, Kentucky for my husband’s job. I am still job hunting but I’ve always had administrative positions. For right now I am using my time to make our new house a home. My husband and I have many interests but traveling and concerts are our TOP 2. We have 3 beautiful fur babies that mean everything to us and are the reason we need a sitter. Their names are Jersey, Karma and Buffy. Jersey is getting older and doesn’t tolerate boarding well anymore so I am in love with the idea of someone staying at our house to watch our girls. Karma and Buffy are more go with the flow but I also will not separate them while we are out of town.

Hi Jessica, Brandon, Jersey, Karma and Buffy … what a` lovely introduction, welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, how are you finding life in Kentucky and have the little ones settled down OK, would love to see a picture of them all.

That is why TrustedHousesitters works so well … nothing changes in their lives, except their human care giver and often we give them more care and attention simply because that is what we are there to do.

Enjoy the forum and connecting with our members from around the world.

Angela and the Team



Here are a couple pictures of the girls. Buffy, the pocket bully, is our newest addition. She is learning a lot from Karma. She also looks like an adult dog even though she is just now 6 months old…lol. Jersey, the yorkie, is our old lady and pretty much gets away with anything she wants to, hence her sitting front and center begging like a champ.


Pitty dogs are my favorite!


Welcome to THS, Jessica, Brandon and fur babies! I am a HO who also loves travelling and concerts. This has led us to our upcoming trip in June when we are heading to Amsterdam to see Eric Clapton in concert.

I also feel the aging of our cats–both now about 15–and wanting someone to stay with them during the day to give them attention and help with older cat diets. That was the reason for us to switch from local kids to THS, and we have had great success with incredible sitters.

I also really appreciate this forum, and “hearing” from others about their sitting and owning experiences.

Again, welcome, and good luck with your travel + concerts plan!

We were definitely sold on pitties after our first rescue.


Me too!!!


Welcome to Trusted House Sitters. Your girls are gorgeous! My mom raised pits for several years and they have such a soft spot in my heart. :heart:

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That you so much!!!

As a former Northern Indiana-er and Kentucky-er, and fellow pittie lover, welcome! :slight_smile:

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So adorble!!