Hi community! greetings from Córdoba, Argentina!

(Spanish bellow)
Hello to the entire community!

We are Rocio and Diego and our cat Federica. We are located in Córdoba, Argentina (we are now the only ones with an open application in this country). We are really new to the community, although I have known THS for many years, we also have many friends who are sitters and now we feel that it is our opportunity. Diego and I travel a lot and, although there are people who take care of Federica every time we travel, we feel that she constantly needs human contact.

With Diego we have traveled through South America doing Couchsurfing, so we also thought it was a good opportunity to offer our house to travelers and the Federica’s good vibes. We like these “unconventional” ways of traveling and Federica loves meeting new people.

Diego is an Engineer and I am an independent artist (graphic design, ceramics, illustration), we are both 32 years old and we have lived in Córdoba for 2 years. We are lovers of kittens and puppies and we love sharing with them. We have had cats and dogs all our lives, they are part of our family, as usual in Argentina.
We live in a house within a complex with super cool neighbors, we work inside the house so it is a nice place to stay. Federica doesn’tt leave the house, she is always here . The house is located near the center, 5’ by car, 10’ walking or 15’ by bus. There are also many avenues nearby and many public buses.
At first it is a little strange to think that strangers will stay in our house but the best thing is to let go of control and trust the community

Greetings, and our best wishes for 2024!
Rocio, Diego & Federica.

¡Hola a toda la comunidad!

Somos Rocio y Diego y nuestra gata Federica. Nos encontramos en Córdoba, Argentina (somos ahora los únicos con solicitud abierta en este país). Somos realmente nuevos en la comunidad aunque conozco THS hace muchos años, también tenemos varios amigos que son sitters y ahora sentimos que es nuestra oportunidad. Con Diego viajamos mucho y, si bien hay gente que se ocupa de Federica cada vez que viajamos, sentimos que ella necesita contacto humano constantemente.

Con Diego hemos viajado por Sudamérica haciendo Couchsurfing por eso también nos pareció una buena oportunidad ofrecer la casa y la hermosa compañía de Federica para quienes estén viajando. Nos gustan estas maneras de viajar “no convencionales” y a Federica le encanta conocer personas nuevas.

Diego es Ingeniero y yo soy artista independiente (diseño gráfico, cerámica, ilustración), ambos tenemos 32 años y vivimos en Córdoba hace 2 años. Somos amantes de los gatitos y perritos y nos encanta compartir con ellos. Toda la vida tuvimos gatos y perros, son parte de nuestra familia.

Vivimos en una casa dentro de un complejo con vecinos super buena onda, trabajamos dentro de la casa por lo que es un lindo lugar para estar. Federica no sale de la casa, siempre está aquí. La casa está ubicada cerca del centro, a 5’ en vehículo, 10’ caminando o 15’ en colectivo, aquí también hay varias avenidas cerca y muchos medios de transporte público.

Al principio es un poco extraño pensar que desconocidos se quedarán en nuestra casa pero lo mejor es soltar el control y confiar en la comunidad.

Deseamos no solo encontrar gente que cumpla el rol de cuidador sino que también hacer nuevos amigos de todo el mundo.

Saludos, y nuestros mejores deseos para el 2024!

Rocio, Diego & Federica.


Bienvenidos a Trusted Housesitters! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Greetings, Rocio, Diego y Federica. I saw your listing and thought,” Ah, Argentina!”. Some time we would like to visit your home. I am sure you will find great sitters here, especially with your great attitude. Welcome to the community. Saludos, Annie


Hola @Rochi
Welcome to THS and I hope you’ll have some great experiences.
As a matter of fact, I’m planning to travel to Chile & Argentina to include Patagonia, from mid - late October 2024 - mid January 2025 and wonder if you might need a housesitter then? I speak Spanish, although not as fluently as I used to sadly


I love Argentina cuz of Messi currently im going to San Antonio i will surely visit Argentina

Hola a todos! Hi everyone :slight_smile: this is a real nice community! we felt really great participating in this. This time we haven’t good luck to the publication, we think it was very close to our trip, but we are happy to the persons who wrote us and show their enthusiasm. We wish you a nice end of year and a happy new year comming, full of trips, adventures, peace and love!

hahahaha Messi means everything for Argentinians :rofl::rofl::rofl:(not for us but we love the happiness he give to the people). We love you Messi!

Hi Smiley! you will love Argentina and Chile, both countries have their own charm. If we need to go out just keep in touch!

Hola Smiley! vas a amar Argentina y Chile, ambos países tienen su propio encanto. Si necesitamos salir entonces sigamos en contacto!

Hola Luckycat! perdón por contestar tarde, el fin de año nos tiene muy atareados pero aquí estamos. Gracias por la buena onda. Saludos!

Hello Luckycat! Sorry for answering late, the end of the year has us very busy but here we are. Thank you for your sympathy. Greetings!

hola! muchas gracias por la buena onda, se siente muy cómodo aquí. Saludos!

hello! Thank you very much for your good vibes, we feel very comfortable here. Greetings!