Hi from Cambridge, England

Hi we are Kate and John. We have been members of the Trusted Housesitters site for about six months now and have met some lovely sitters who have come to look after our feline friend Fluffball. We enjoy camping, skiing, walking and enjoy short trips away to spend time outdoors!


Hi Kate & John, welcome to our community forum and welcome to TrustedHousesitters, thank you for joining us. It’s wonderful to hear that Fluffball has already enjoyed “hosting” some lovely sitters we look forward to hearing more about your best feline friends THS adventures … yours too of course.

We have a warm, welcoming and truly helpful community we hope you will be part of it for long time to come. Enjoy connecting with our members from around the world and if you have any questions please just ask.

Angela and the Team

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Hi, We are Peter and Sue in Central Cambridge in the UK with our cat Hugo.

We will be “hosting” sitters later in the year and are looking for guidance on the Welcome Guide!

Looking forward to our first experience of this.


@pdanson This post will likely be of interest to you.

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Hi, when I joined up in May 2021 I went through the Welcome guide and noted the key sections of information that were being asked for and then worked on creating my document offline in the first instance so that I could just cut and paste the information in when it was finished. To begin with though I also put together my listing information and much of that was useful again for the Welcome Guide. Basically the guide is like a manual for your home and your local area. Think about what you would need to know if you turned up without someone being around to show you the key things you need to know. I also have a separate file at home that I leave for sitters that includes all the instruction booklets for my appliances, information about local places to eat and visit, the bin collection schedule, how to lock our doors (they can be a bit tricky) etc. Most importantly it contains the relevant information required to look after my cat. Sitters often tell me that the information is very comprehensive so I guess I did manage to put plenty in! Good luck!

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Thank you. Your idea of an offline version first is a good one and I think I’ll use the framework suggested to generate the content in a document which we can also update for future sitters if needed.
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