Hi I am a new sitter from Wales UK

I’m Ally a new sitter. I’m from west Wales in the uk. I’ve joined to be able to travel whilst helping take care of lovely dogs that I adore and allowing their family to also travel. It’s a win-win
I am Looking to find a sit in the states.
Can I ask is it hard to find sits as a single person and is it hard to find sits where I can use public transport? I have made sure it’s clear in my profile that I am a trusted professional, as I feel it must be hard for those opening their homes and pets to feel that they can fully rely on sitters.
Any more tips I am grateful :blush:


Hello @Ally1 Wishing you a warm welcome to the forum community, it’s lovely to have you here.

Wales is such a beautiful place and where I brought my first horse :smiling_face:

You have come to the right place to get lots of help and feedback about getting started as a sitter on the platform.

You can use the spyglass to search for previous topics and in reference to your request about public transport there is a thread discussing about what the icon ‘sitters needs car’ means and how to find out if you need a car for that area or can use public transport. That might answer some of your questions and get you started.

Also, a good idea is to share your THS sitter’s profile link to your forum profile. That way other members can view your profile and give you helpful feedback and tips to get you started.

Here is how to add that:

If you need any help at all then please let me know.

I am excited to hear all about your housesitting adventures!


Hi @Ally1 , No, it is not hard to find sits as a single person in the US. Public transport varies from place to place. Are their particular cities you are interested in? One thing that is good here is that Uber and Lyft are pretty widely available, unlike in the UK where I learned the hard way.

I would suggest you spend a good deal of time reading as much as you can on the forum. You will find answers to many of your questions.

Welcome! I hope you love it here.


Hi Carla, thanks for this info it’s really helpful, I will add my link, that makes sense.
It’s a great forum


Welcome Ally! This is fantastic. You and I are trading countries. I am moving to my ancestral homelands, inc. West Wales, and I am from The USA, having been born to a Scottish Father in Santa Monica, California, with Welsh roots, and I have been asking the same questions about “Sitter needs a Car” in the U.K.!

I am happy to offer any suggestions, guidance and ideas I can, and I would love yours also, as this is a whole new world. What fun.
So happy you are here, on the big beautiful earth, and having this adventure in a new country, like me and my dog!
Claire + Lady Tarkina Snowfire, moving 11 May to UK, forevermore.


Ahh Claire what a lovely message! Thank you. Wales is beautiful in many places we are lucky.
Where are you moving to? You will find lots of sits in the uk if you want to explore!
If I get a US sit I will definitely pick your brains!
I’ve applied for two so far
Best of luck with the big move! X

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Hi Ally ~ I would reply in a private message, but my DM green message box has disappeared, so: I am exploring many ancestral homes before discerning where to settle. I have applied to 55 or so, and hurt my neck, being too focused, and forgetting I have a body, darn it. But, so far, I have met some extraordinarily kind people and some whose animals are not open to a new dog friend, so my search is definitely more rigorous, given my Miracle-Assistance-Dog who is always by my side, and so worth the effort. We are going to have so much fun, together playing with new dog friends. Thanks, Ally, Great to meet you here.

I know nothing about Wales, yet, so any details, info, thoughts are very welcome. I am fascinated now…due to my Welsh family I just found, never heard of before, and I’m 58:
Gillian Touzar born 03 January 1628 in Glamorgan, Wales - died 1660 in Newport, R.I., B.C.A.; Married 1644 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, B.C.A.

David Vaughan’s Father
John William Vaughan, Jr. born 1620 (or 04 March 1613) in Glamorgan, Wales – died 1687 in Newport, R.I., B.C.A. – Immigrated in 1637, at age 17, to New England District, N.S.W., Australia

Margaret Pennant born 1607 in Downing, Flintshire, Wales, UK –

John Vaughan born 11 November 1605, in Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd, Denbigshire, Wales –died 14 April 1662, age 56, in Rhode Island, B.C.A.; (had son JWV at age 15)

John ap Gruffydd Vaughan born 1570 in Cardigan, Cardiganshire, Wales - died 14 April 1634, in Pembrey, Carmarthenshire, Wales, age 64.

Jane Kyffin’s Mother

Margaret Mostyn born about 1561 in Maenan, Caernarfonshire, Wales – Died ___?; Married about 1581 in Maenan, Caernarfonshire, Wales. (Maenan has two chapels: Capel Tan Soar and Capel Salem (on the border with Llanddoged) - both offering services on a Sunday in Welsh.)…