Hi I am a newbie to THS from rural Wales, UK

Hi I am Lorraine and new to looking for a sitter to take care of my lovely pets in rural Wales
Can someone give me some feedback on my profile as I am struggling to find a sitter. I appreciate it’s not until August but with everything else booked and am worried
It’s great reading through everyone’s profiles and seeing so many lovely pets and places.

Hello @Lorraine1 and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. Many of our forum members know of the magic of Wales, myself included (born and raised in South Wales).

I suggest you review this blog post:

My general comment is that sitters want to see far more details than you’ve included, especially about the home and the pets. Put yourself in the shoes of a possible sitter, figuring out whether the home layout works for them, whether they can handle the tasks involved, and how much free time and freedom they will have while there.

When considering how much detail to include, distinguish between what a sitter will need to know to decide whether to apply, versus what they can be updated on later. For example, listing where the pet’s food is kept is irrelevant in your listing (and I’ve seen it done), as that’s an example of details you put into your Welcome Guide.

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Thank you I’ll take a look and edit


Hi @Lorraine1 and welcome to the forum. Wales is a beautiful country and I was fortunate to spend 6 weeks sitting there a few years ago, undertaking 3 sits in different parts of the country.
You have provided good information in your listing and made it family friendly as I can see children really enjoying their time with the animals.
My only suggestion is that quite a few of your photos are dark so having the lights on when you take them, might be a good idea. Preview your listing and see what you think if you were looking at them from a sitter’s perspective.
You still have plenty of time to attract sitters!


Thank you for the feedback I have retaken a few and updated them.

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