Hi I'm new and need some help

Hi I just joined the the site and my first request for someone to jouse sit has been approved.

I have a few questions:
Do we qait for someone to conta t us?
Do we look and contact sitters- if yes do i have to look for someone local to us?
On the post i said no car available but happy to leave my car if needed . The question is if i leave my car do i need to get separate insurance for them or how does this work? - UK based .

Thank you !

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Hi @Monica78uk and welcome to the forum and to TrustedHousesitters. You’ve listed a lot of questions here, some of which have been discussed at length on the forum. Notice there’s a spyglass search option and you can add key words there and find posts relating to these questions. Forum members will help you, but it’s good for you to look at those posts too. I’ll add one, as an example:

Cars for sitters

There’s a similar ‘help’ option on the main website, and I find it’s really useful for clear instructions on how to do certain steps. I’ll add a link here:

THS ‘help’ search option

Here’s an example of a link you might find useful from the website:

How to find and contact a sitter

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Hi Francine, I have two questions that are not in the FAQs and I need to know the answer before purchasing a membership. I’ve been trying to get an answer for 48 hours with no luck. Any suggestions?

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Hi @Baires and welcome. You’re in the right place to ask your questions! If you’re OK with putting them on the public forum, then just post them. If you’d rather ask someone privately, you can direct message me or @Angela-HeadOfCommunity . Just click on our username and then click on the message icon.

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Hi @Baires and thank-you @Snowbird for your help as always. I’m jumping in here as we passed your question yesterday to membership services. Unfortunately as it’s about the insurance, and particularly in Argentina, it’s not something anyone will be able to answer in the forum. I’m going to tag @Therese-Moderator so she can follow up on this when she comes on line. Thank you for your patience and we hope to be welcoming you as a member very soon. All the best, Vanessa and the team.

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