Hi out there from Norwich, UK

We are new to THS just joined today :blush:
We live in Norwich U.K. and looking for to you looking after our 2 boys (dog) :blush:


@DylanFrazer welcome to the site. Norwich is a nice city and you should have no problems finding somebody. All the best

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Hi @DylanFrazer welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters thank you for joining us from the cathedral city of Norwich, Norfolk

I used to live there and my husband is a native “Norwich(er)” I’m sure you’ll have lots of help for your boys when you need it.

Enjoy the conversations and the help and support you’ll find from our members.

Angela and the Team

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I just saw your two Jack Russells… and was really tempted to apply… just because … they are two Jack Russells! One of my favorite dogs ever was a JRT called Thunderbird. He came everywhere with me. I remember carrying him around Lamu in a shopping basket because it not culturally appropriate to have dogs run around there. He was so cool about it. I have another adopted JRT in Nairobi at the moment, named Thunderbolt, who is very distinguished. He is obsessed with riding in cars. I would have loved to have your two dogs for two weeks its just that little too far from London by car. I hope you get a fellow JRT lover - there are many!


@GingerWilson yes JRs can be great little dogs though the first one i looked after (I arrived after the HOs had left with a key under a brick) had got up to the kitchen cupboards and nudged them open and pulled all the breakfast cereal down…the floor was a carpet of cornflakes, weetbix and muesli! When I opened the door he shot out and grabbed me by the trousers and tried to do a death roll (oh no I am thinking of crocodiles!). It had just started to rain so I left him out in the yard to grow some maners while I cleared up and had a coffee. There was a second JR (female) who was quietly in her basket and you could read her eyes ‘Please dont think I did that …it was him…its always him!’ So I made a fuss of her…he calmed down and I let him in. He huffed into his basket and glared at me working out his next move…and thats how it was for the next three days including weeing up my leg down on the Brighton-Hove esplanade! After that experience I thought I would never take on JRs again BUT I did and that sit stands out as something really special with a great little JR who despite his little size had a personality as big as a Great Dane. I looked after him three times. I guess so much of it is in the training and socialisation. As I have said elsewhere, some people should not have dogs. Here’s to JRs everywhere!


ha that’s funny… And I must say the first half of your story reminds me of parenting our teenagers … not far off! Night time feasts of cereals and mess in the morning and passing the buck. … and then smoke bomb tactics to avoid punishment. And JR’s are notorious in Kenya for thinking they are Ridgebacks (lion hunters). My vet says most small dogs in Nairobi, injuries come from snake bites. But not JR’s, they get into the most trouble from picking fights they cant win with much bigger dogs!

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@GingerWilson yes i never had teenagers of my own so i take my hat off to you! Yes little dogs can be abit like little men in pubs ‘Who you looking at?’! I have not looked after a Ridgeback yet…I like to see how diffreent breeds are so hopefully one day but sounds like I would not want to be wearing my Lenny the Lion suit when I do! Happy travels/

Thank you. Our 2 though brothers are as different as chalk and cheese. I is becoming an old man, whilst the other thinks he’s still a pup :joy: