Hi, this is Rod and Charlotte from the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia, we have two beagles, Daisy and Chilli who are like children to us. Daisy is 10 and Chilli is 7

A big welcome to the forum.

I’m confident you’ll find the right sitters. You do have time, and you are in a lovely location.
I would like to suggest you add your listing profile to your forum profile, so other members can see it, and even offer a little help.

If you go to your dashboard, listing block and open your listing there.
The way to add your profile link is here >> https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/how-to-add-a-listing-or-profile-link-to-your-forum-profile.

I have taken the liberty of boosting your listing, which will bring it to the top of the website.
I hope this helps and that you enjoy the interaction with all our lovely forum members here.
Best wishes

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