Hello From Geelong Victoria Austarlia

Hello All My name is Janeanne From Australia ~ This is my first Time to Join a great site that people love looking after & Caring for Animals & Homes, I Hope I Will have piece of mind when I go on my trip in April May 2023 to the USA First trip in ten years ( I haven’t had much luck yet)


Hello @Janeanne and welcome!
You’ll get more replies about how to link your listing to your profile so that members can give you feedback to attract the best sitter for you!

I’m in NH and coooold right now.

What haven’t you had luck with just yet?


Hi @Janeanne - we are currently petsitting in Footscray - not too far from you. If you want to meet for a coffee one day let us know .

It is a good idea to link your listing link to your forum profile - this is how to do that


Thanks For the Reply ~l Will link it
Have a great day

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Take @Colin up on his offer if you can. He and his hubby Karyo are great guys :wink: They’ll be able to give you lots of advice and tips.


Hello @Janeanne and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

If you are a member of TrustedHousesitters you can link your profile on to your profile on here as @Colin mentioned, by following the attached link, should you wish. This also gives other members a way of getting to know you and offer any help and advice/feedback for you.
If you have any issues adding this or any other questions please do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help. :blush:

Whereabouts in the US are you heading? :us::blush:

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We are going to Oklahoma First to see my Sister’s Husband (Taken 2 Years to Find Him) ~ Long Stort But we found him in a VA Hospital there
So that’s why we are mainly going over there
Then to Florida as we have always wanted to go there to Disney World (Didn’t realise how expensive it was to go there)
But l hope l don’t have to Cancel the trip
As It’s Non Refundable

Hello, im in Adelaide. My son and his wofe live in Melbourne. I too am hoping to sit soon but have to wait another 12 months. Love seeing and hearing all the stories here. Im sure you will have a marvellous time in the future


Hi Colin
Thank you for the Step by step info
I have just done that Thank-you so much

Hi @Janeanne , I took a look at your listing.

The fact that you have six indoor cats plus a dog that can only be left for 2-3 hours is going to make it more difficult ( but not impossible) for you than the average home host to find a sitter.

For this reason, you need to make your listing as appealing as possible. I hope you don’t mind me saying but there is quite a lot you can do to improve yours.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many ideas so let’s make a few changes at a time.

To start. -

1 - You only need one pic of each pet so go through your photos, choose one of each pet to save and delete all the others.
2 - can your cat tower go anywhere else? Being in the middle of the kitchen may put some sitters off. If it will go anywhere else, I would move it, then take another pic of your kitchen
3 - You say you have 3 bedrooms but only show one with a cat on it. Is that the sitters room? Do the cats have to use that room? If not, remove the cats and take another pic
4 - The pic with the bathroom & toilet doors open has to be changed. Try to declutter both. Then open the doors fully and take one pic of each. How is the toilet used with the litter tray in front of it?
5 - Is a car really necessary - you give a list of things that are a 2-minute drive away and say the bus stop is nearby.


Oh Thank-you l really appreciate your help ~ l Will try & do all
1 ~ l can move stand
2 ~ Yes thats the room the Sitter can stay in & Yes the door can be closed to keep cats out
3~ since I took that photo l have Declutted (but l can do more if need to)
4~ l was just trying to let people know how far things are From my House
I am not sure if someone will have a car or not
So not sure what to but so l put both
Thank-you so much for the tips

Hi Colin
Hope the photos look better - You have to put Minium two photos of your pet or it won’t allow you to go live
please let me know anything else i should do thanks for your time janeanne

@Janeanne - They are better but we will come back to them again later.

Next, delete all your introduction and replace it with this -

My name is Janeanne, I am in my 50’s, I have planned a trip with my sister to the USA and so am looking for either a single person or a couple to take care of my mini menagerie whilst I am gone.
I have one very friendly dog, who is currently training to become my emotional support service dog. Six cats that are all very easy to care for (4 indoors and 2 in a cat enclosure). One parakeet and a tank of fish!

Hi Colin
done that Thanks Next Please

@Janeanne - Next - take off the ‘sitters need a car’ tag that is on your listing

then - please answer these questions for me

1 - what is IGA?
2 - Is only 1 bedroom available for sitters - could 2 be available if needed?
3 - is there a bus service from the train station to the stop 3 mins walk from your home?
4 - How long would it take to walk to the shopping centre?
5 - Is there a bus service to the beach - if so how long does it take?
6 - Are there any cameras on or in your home?

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1 ~ IGA - Is like a mini supermarket at the service station
2~ there is three rooms but My Mums room could be used ~ but Kai is in there plus has a medical bed in there as it was my mums room ( its still very hard to go in there i know when l come home l have to empty it out but at moment its to hard) its has been very difficult declutting mums home now in the past few months (Sorry)
then my room were the cats mainly sleep
3~ Yes there is A bus service from Train station to bus stop near my home
4 ~ To walk to shopping center about 25/30 mins
5~ bus service to city then walk down to beach about 5/10 min walk
6- no there is No cameras but There is ~ A House Alarm


@Janeanne - Delete your home/location info and replace it with this ( check to be sure all the information is correct

My comfortable, 3 Bedroom, Brick Verner home is located in the suburb of Newcomb.

It is in a great location whether driving or the bus stop is a three-minute walk from my house,

5-minute drive/bus to the city of Geelong

5-minute walk to a mini supermarket

2-minute drive/bus or 30-minute walk to two shopping large centres

5-minute drive/bus to Geelong beach where there are cafes, bars, shops and restaurants

5-minute drive/bus to the train station

Direct train to Melbourne central in approximately one hour and 15 mins

The sitters will have a bedroom with a double bed plus full use of all the house amenities during their stay

The house has both heating and air conditioning. Fully equipped kitchen, Laundry room with washing machine & dryer. Bath with overhead shower. Separate toilet. Lounge with cable television. Good Wifi connection.

The house has an alarm system – no cameras

I am more than happy for you to arrive a day or two early if it suits your travel arrangements.


@Janeanne -

1 - Delete your title and replace it with - Mini menagerie seeks loving petsitters
2 - You missed the letter ‘M’ at the start of your introduction
3 - You had a nice pic of Kai that you have deleted - it was a close-up with his mouth open ( I think!) - Add that as a new main pic to replace the pic of your house - the pic of your house can stay but not as your main pic
4 - Delete your responsibilities section and replace it with this ( check you agree with everything)

The main thing I care about is that my animals are all loved and looked after.

Kai, my dog is super friendly, gentle and loving. He is a medium-sized German Shepherd/Kelpie. He loves to be with you during the day. I would like him not to be left alone for more than four hours maximum and please never leave him outside when you are away. He gets on great with the cats. He has one walk a day and is fed one a day, at night with added treats throughout the day.

My cats are very low maintenance. Four live in the house and two have a cat enclosure. I feed them every morning and evening.

My Parakeet stays in her cage and is given food and water when needed.

My fish get food every other day.

No Guests please and smoking only outside, well away from the doorways.

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@Janeanne Finally -
1 - The ‘sitters need a car’ tag is still showing - delete it. Your home is 3 minutes from a bus stop and has a train station close - sitters definitely do not need a car
2 - would you consider allowing the sitter to use your car? This is a big bonus when finding sitters - from the 5 Australian sits we are doing, 3 come with a car. If this is something you would consider then add the 'car included
3 - from your pics delete numbers 7 (hall) and 11 ( wardrobe draws open).

That is all I can think of - I hope it has helped, good luck finding a great stter! x

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i have tried to take you need a car but it has not changed not sure why