HO asking for rent

Just noticed a listing where the HO was asking for 1,000 per month for contribution to rent. It’s a long sit but is that a thing?

That is not correct - THS is a no money exchange platform-The listing should be reported right away! If they want rent for the property they should be advertising on a different kind of site!


That should be reported to member services …homeowners can ask for contributions to utilities but not Rent !!?

I can’t imagine any sitter would think that £1000 is a reasonable contribution to utilities.

Are there pet care responsibilities expected too ?!!!


Report the sit to support asap @Oztravels - not THS rules :pray:t3:

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Yes. Two cats.

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Thanks. Yes seemed a bit strange. Is there a report listing button anywhere?

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I saw that too. They make it very clear it’s not ‘FREE’ sit and that you should almost be grateful to get such a great sit for that price. I was going to report but in the end I just scrolled on. Someone may think its a great deal…certainly not us.

I also saw the listing you are referring to, and thought the utility contribution was a typo. If this is allowed as a ‘utility’ contribution by THS, it sets a dangerous precedent IMO.

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You can send a private message to @Angela_L with the link to this listing and she can act on it as it definitely goes against what THS is about.

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Hi Everyone, This listing has been brought to the attention of the Membership Services Team for clarification…

PP/Owners can request contributions towards utilities as long as this is stated plainly in the listing so that sitters have full knowledge before applying.

These sits are rare and it is up to the sitter whether or not they choose to apply.

Whatever next?


I just saw this one, should definitely be removed. Charging a sitter 1000 pounds a month for the privilege of taking care of their pets and home is ridiculous.


It doesn’t even say for utilities, it says to cover bills.


And they already have 3 applicants!!! Perhaps sitters could tally up how much cattery charges would be for the long sit for 2 cats and say that is what they would expect in return for the 1000 pound contribution to rent!! (No, I know sitters can’t charge!)

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@Angela_L -

So just to clarify as long as the homeowner states it’s for utilities and does not say it’s for rent they can ask for any amount even if it seems excessive. It’s up to sitter to decide?

This particular listing states - “ This is not a free sit “ which seems to go against THS rules ?


@temba I wonder if the three applicants have actually read the listing in full ?

Well it clearly says in first sentence “Please read the full description of the house carefully before applying” so one would hope so @Silversitters. Now on 4 applicants!

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Don’t think so. It’s via the main email as far as I know. It’s not funny but I’m loving the thought of 1000 euros….:joy::joy: #onyourbike

Hi @Silversitters Membership Services are managing this listing with the owner/pp member.

Actually more than that because it’s ££££ not euros !!! :woozy_face::rofl:

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