HO keeps you waiting

@janisgomme Wishing you a warm welcome to the forum community and to TrustedHousesitters. You have come to the right place to get answers to your questions from our helpful forum members :slight_smile:

There is a previous topic that might help answer some of your questions:

You can also use the Spyglass to search for other topics.

Did you know that you can add the link to your THS sitters profile to your forum profile so that other members can give you feedback and tips - this might be especially helpful as a new member.

If you need me to do it just let me know.

Also just to check if the owner has not yet declined your application but you still see the listing with a last-minute sit tag, it does not necessarily mean that the owner has reposted the sit, it might just be that the last-minute tag was automatically added and the listing is still visible on the site as the owner has not reached their 5 limit yet (the listing then goes into review and is automatically taken down for the owner to decline some applicants)

Maybe they have not been back online yet and seen your application? Sometimes with last-minute sits the owners are looking for other options outside of the site in case they do not find a sitter via the site, so they might be in the process of doing that and have not looked at their listing recently.

I would send a follow-up message checking if the owner is still looking. I am sure that you will get some more advice on here as well and good luck with starting your sitting adventure!