Hoist With My Own Petard!

I was a keen advocate of limiting the size of posts; until now.

Can I put in a bid for a 500 limit? :grin:
Also, is the limit counting

quoted material

spaces, punctuation & line breaks?

250 is very restrictive :cry:
There’s no native character count in iOS for iPad; that means using the Pages App (or similar) to compose and then paste into the forum…and then go back over the text to add the required formatting. :woman_facepalming:t3:

This is a very short paragraph designed to show just how few characters 250 is when trying to compose a forum post or give an in-depth reply to another member’s fascinating topic. Basically, one can barely get started before reaching a very abrupt st

Have discovered that


another’s post counts toward the 250 limit.
That’s completely unworkable!

We need to correct @Saltrams … characters/words there’s been an error with the settings, thank you for flagging


:+1:t3: Thanks @Angela, I was beginning to hyperventilate!


BREATH!!! @Saltrams All is well in Forum land


:joy::rofl: see how twitchy I become when I can’t be verbose!? Got :wine_glass: now so I’ll calm down. Cheers!


Well and truly hoisted.


i just notice these posts today. A few times, clicking on the forum, it seems there was no “new topic”, no new "Unread " but If you scroll you discover posts green coloured as If they were new

Fine to discover the limit has gone from 250 caractères up to 1250 …

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