Home owner charging $1,500 month for house maintenance for a long sit

Just saw a sit listed today in Brewster, MA, USA from Jan 12 -July 12, 2022 .The home owner is asking the sitter to pay $1,500/month for home charges while they also look after the home and the dogs.

Is that allowed on this site, to charge sitters?

Whoops, they are taking their dogs. Here is the listing: "We are looking for tenants willing to live with the house as is and will ask $1500 a month (roughly half market value) in carrying costs plus first, last, security, and utilities. This would be ideal for those working remotely, or travelling medical personnel. "

So TH is being used as a source to find rental income.

Just tagging membership cause I’m sure this is not allowed!

@Therese-Moderator Can you or your colleagues double check? Thank you!

Hi @Breezylake and @els. Thanks for the heads up about this listing. No, it doesn’t fit TrustedHousesitters model, so I’ve brought it to Membership Services’ attention. Thanks again for letting us know about it.

Saw that and reported it too.

Thank you @Ksquared.