Homeowner hasn't renewed, but there's a date on my upcoming sits?

I just got the message that my next sit starts on the 28th …which is Sunday!

But I’ve been texting with the HO and I know she wants me there on Saturday.

How important is it to update the dates (starting and ending commitment both 1 day earlier) on the website for THS?

I’m not able to message her through the website because I think she didn’t renew.

It has to do with being covered by THS insurance and access to emergency information, so it’s important for those dates to be accurate, right?!


That is a great question and topic to start, as it is quite a common question regarding start dates/handover dates.

It would be best if the owner renewed their membership whilst the sit went ahead to make sure they are covered by any insurance etc included in their membership fee. Plus so you can access the welcome guide and they can amend any dates needed.

The owner can contact Membership Service to help renew and amend the dates of the sit or follow this help deak article:

If you arrive with the owner on the Saturday and the owner is still present as it’s a handover period, then as sitters we do not generally update the sits dates to start a day earlier, as technically the sit has not started until the owner leaves. But others may be more comfortable including the handover date, so reaching out to the Membership Service Team will help clarify what is best to do in this situation.

I think the main thing is to make sure both parties are members during the sit period so that all of the insurances etc are applicable.

I have asked Membership Services to get in touch with you so please keep an eye out for their email. You can also follow up at support@trustedhousesitters.com

I hope you get it all sorted before your sit starts :slight_smile: