Homeowners, please update title of listing :)

Friendly advice to homeowners… It helps sitters to find/read your listings if the title is kept updated. If it says “Summer in London” and you now need a sitter for November, please update the title. It makes the process so much easier for sitters reading many, many listings. It will help you find a sitter more quickly, as well.


Yes, i agree.

They may miss out on potential applicants due to the title not being edited.

Yes, also I find that sometimes parts of the main listing haven’t been updated or still showing pets that have died, which is confusing. In one housesit I returned to, the owners having moved, they still showed the original house photos.

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I see that so often- a title listing that does not match the current dates. I think the listing title should be be more general- no mention of dates-then no need to change anything . The dates are listed separately anyway. I also recently applied for a sit showing pics of a dog and cat but no mention of the dog in the listing. I asked about that and the host said ‘the dog doesn’t live with me anymore…’
Another time i was browsing Northern Ireland and found a great Sit. On reading the description the host talked about their proximity to central London! I checked the town name and it was the same name in London & NI . I alerted the host that her map placing was in the wrong country and she was most grateful!
Hosts need to check/update their listing details!!


Gold star for this very pertinent post!
In amongst the heated topics of 5 application limit and poor reviews etc, this one is equally as important IMO and so easily (and non-confrontationally) fixable.


When considering whether to apply for a sit I alway read any previous feedback from sitters. Sometimes they refer to a location and home that is no longer relevant as the homeowner has relocated. This is not always obvious so something to bear in mind when having that pre confirmation chat.
I also feel that if a listing shows incorrect information - such as referring to a Xmas sit in the heading and the dates being in the Summer or a weekend break that is actually for two weeks it shows a lack of attention to detail and that could also reflect on the actual sit.


Definitely a very valid observation, but probably a good place to remind ourselves as sitters to also regularly review and update our own profile information if circumstances change. Our situation has changed dramatically over the past few years… we are no longer fully nomadic, we’ve acquired new skillsets, we have a base location now and are looking for particular types of sits. As Twitcher mentions “attention to detail” from us all is very good practice.

Which reminds me to go check our profile and title once again :slight_smile:

All of us as members have a responsibility (I believe) to keep our data as up-to-date as possible, owners and sitters… it’s easily forgotten if you aren’t doing this full-time, so checks on our titles and profile info are good to build into a routine. And photos too … we like to update ours each year and have this as a January calendar item.

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@Vanessa-ForumCMgr makes a very important point. Our community success is based on the way members connect and communicate so absolutely listings need to be kept up to date and not just the title. In the same way a sitter’s profile should always be the best and most up to date representation possible, a continually evolving work in progress, after all with each sit experience we lean something new which could be reflected in listings and profiles.

Just come across an advertised sit with not a single photo. No little vignette of the HO, nor of the 2 dogs and nothing in the main sequence of photos :open_mouth:
It’s like those eBay items where people want you to buy their stuff without showing you what it is :roll_eyes:
What’s the reporting system for this? Please don’t make me write a separate email outside of the forum or THS Website.

Hi @Saltrams thank you for flagging.

When any member comes across a listing which needs a little TLC form the Membership Services Team all we ask is they simply forward the listing URL to an Admin via a Direct Message and we will pass it on to the team.

Hello Angela & thanks for your answer. Sorry to be dull but who exactly are “admins”? Is there a group @-tag for them? Who is most appropriate? I’ve rather inundated Vanessa recently; how do I choose a victim?

I see multiple listings with incorrect headlines (one today mentions 3 month sit but the dates are just one week), no interior photos, mentioning tenants in the house, etc. I have stopped reporting these to THS because I’m not being paid to do this work. I’m annoyed enough with the company’s attitude towards paying customers lately; I’ve no intention of doing the company’s job for them.


Hi @Saltram Please feel free to DM me. :slight_smile:

Yes Lassie I agree. I’ve seen the same and have also given up reporting. I thought these were one-offs but it seems that a good proportion don’t match up to the THS rules for various reasons. I can accept one or two slipping through the net but the volume of incorrect and / or incomplete listings clearly indicates a systemic problem.

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Hi @Saltrams Admins - Julie, Kelly, Karen, Therese, Vanessa and myself.

The subject of members flagging listings has been discussed at length many times over and we (Admins & wider team) greatly appreciate any help, it’s neither asked for or expected but is very much appreciated.