Title of HO posts

Are home owners not able to change the title of their sits? I see quite a few entitled things like “spend Christmas with…” and it turns out to be for an August sit or “sitter wanted for two week sit” and the actual sit offered is for a long weekend etc. I just wondered whether it was owners not updating or whether the system did not allow them to change the headline of their sit to reflect what they are actually looking for?

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Hi @LizBCN

Yes, like the sitter profiles, owners can change their listing titles at any point. We always suggest that owners use a neutral title, so this does not have to be changed each time they set new dates.

When you come across these, please DM any moderator or send the URL of the listings to support@trustedhousesitters.com so we can contact the owners to remind them to make the changes.


They can change them. They just forget.

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I’ll definitely do this and it infuriates me!