Can a HO edit their listing after posting to the THS website?

I’ve been reading posts in the forum and now I’m curious; can a HO edit a sit AFTER it’s been posted? Does the applicants or contracted sitter get notified of what changed?

@themobileretiree You post is a little confusing to me .

You title says can a sitter edit a sit ? I am not sure what you mean by that - do you mean change their review ? The answer is No.

Do you mean can a HO they change their listing ?
The answer is yes they can at anytime and there is no way to see what the original listing said unless you took screenshots of it at the time.

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Do you mean can an HO edit a sit after posting @CatsAndDog? If so then yes. If a sitter then confused :thinking:

Thank you. Yes I do mean can a HO edit a listing after posting. I will edit the title of my post.

Yes, of course we can. I have a sitter arranged for next August. Between now and then my bathroom is being refurbished so I’ll update the photos. Rather more seriously my pets will change (one has died and I’ll be adopting again, but same species) - the sitter is fully aware of this. It wouldn’t make sense for my profile to be frozen til next August but of course I must keep my sitter appraised of any material changes and check that they are still happy to sit.

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Yes they can. I had an owner add details about their dog’s incontinence and need for a diaper after I accepted their sit. I asked them to cancel as I would not have accepted if they had disclosed that in advance. I screen shot listings now.


I agree that a HO should be able to edit their listing, just wondering if the sitter is notified of the change. I just looked at our current sits and noticed that the description isn’t specific to OUR sit, looks like the info is tied to the HO rather than the sit-specific dates, something I was not aware of before just now.

I have never received any such notification.

Us too - I totally understand why a HO needs to be able to edit their listing to take into account changes for future sits. However this function does mean that additional pets ,change in home amenities and responsibilities can be added to a confirmed sit without the sitter being made aware and the sitter can’t prove what the original listing said ( unless they have taken screenshots)

It would be good if the listing could be frozen in time and attached to the sitters dashboard at the time that a sit is confirmed.
With the HO able to make edits for other dates but the original listing visible for the sit already agreed.

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@themobileretiree replying here as a home owner and sitter. Yes, an owner can edit their listing at any time. No, the confirmed sitter doesn’t get notified of the change, which is the reason why we do screen shots of our confirmed sits once they are locked in.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I did not know a listing could be changed after confirmed. That could be really problematic… I will start taking screen shots.

As a HO, (and sitter), after a sit is confirmed, I go back into my listing and make changes to the listing, as I know people are looking and saving homes.

That does not however change the logistics of the sit that is confirmed. If there needed to be a change to a confirmed sit…I would discuss these updates with the confirmed sitter.

It would be good if the HOs notified confirmed sitters of any changes they make to their listing