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I’ve not ‘advertised’ for a sitter yet - just trying to collate all the information that’s needed and take some photographs. Can someone advise me if I can edit the post after I advertise? Just want to get started but keen to make sure everything is accurate etc. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Christine4, yes, you can edit your listing but I would recommend you take the time to make it as thorough and well-presented as possible before posting it. If it’s lacking detail when you first post it, sitters may not consider it; then when you make changes and re-post it, again they might not look at it because they’ve already seen it, so won’t know you’ve made changes.

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Great thanks for the advice; much appreciated.


@Christine4 yes Christine you certainly can amend a listing. You may like to put a link to it in your forum profile and then members of the forum can review and suggest any improvements . Other homeowners have found this to be helpful .

This is how to do it :point_down:t3:, alternatively you can ask one of the forums moderators to do it for you.

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@Christine4 Don’t forget to include all the important pics that sitters want to see- bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & any other areas that sitters will have access too. Also nice to see the whole house and garden, if any. Add lots of written detail too e.g how long pets can be left alone, where the pets sleep etc. The more info the merrier! If I see a listing with minimal info and missing pics (esp bedroom) I will just scroll on! Its too much action if I have to work hard to extract the info needed to decide if the sit is a fit! Depending on where you are located and what you are offering competition can be strong! So give yourself the very best chance by creating a stand out profile that will convince sitters they just have to sit for you!! :grin:


But it is not really live until you post dates. There is plenty of opportunity to edit and optimize the way it looks on the web site.

It may also be good to check not just one’s own preview but also the way it looks to others. For unfathomable reasons there may be differences (certainly for sitters). That is a preview link that one can find lower down on one’s dashboard page.

It is also good to check both the web interface and how it looks like in the app. Also that is different. For example, photo captions are not shown in the web interface…

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@pietkuip The OP asked could they edit their listing after advertising it.

Great advice, thanks a lot.

Brilliant, thanks a lot @pietkuip - that’s exactly what I had thought might be available for thank you for sharing.