Horses as well as cats?

@MarieHuggins not necessarily riding, just being comfy with them for grooming and feeding really!

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Hi @JuliePetParent I would be in heaven just as many other sitters … I “sat” for 8 months in Spain and volunteered with a horse rescue centre, anything to be around them …

This post created by one of our members with equine experience shares some insights for non equine experienced sitters …

Thinking of an Equine Housesit? :horse:

5 Top Tips Learnt from Experience


Awww, beautiful :heart_eyes:

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Thanks Julie, that’s good to know. I hadnt been viewing those sits as didn’t think I qualified, but i will certainly do so in the future.
Any advice to increase my chances?
I worked in dog rescue for years, so very used to ‘mucking’ out kennels!:grin::grin:

@Angela_L that sounds a wonderful stay, ill certainly try and help on the Equine thread.

@MarieHuggins that sounds great if youre prepared to muck out, or even poop pick the field. It can be hard work, filling haynets, carrying buckets etc, and generally feel ok.with handling them. I don’t thinkpeople would advertise if they had difficult horses, they usually send them to livery. Brushing is the same as dogs, sometimes they will need their hooves picking out.

Definitely not a putoff - we have horses as well and would love to sit for someone else who has them.


I love sitting horses. I bred and showed Andalusian horses for 30 years. Don’t have any horses now so would love this kind of sit.


I love looking after horses and donkeys! Having said that, its obviously not for everyone and if was a horseowner I would definitely want someone with equine experience (for both the horses and their sake). They are large animals and can be quite dangerous if you are inexperienced and don’t understand their body language, etc.

I get the feeling that finding an experienced equine sitter is harder than finding a dog or cat sitter-- at least that’s based on what owners have told me, and how many unsolilcited invites I seem to get due to having this experience.


We love horses so would jump at the chance to sit for you :+1:

@DeretaMaria . Thank you, great to hear, i have simeone coming but will bear you in mind!

@MojaveForever , yes thats why i posted but lucky for me someone on the Forum saw it and wants to sit as she knows horses.


Hi Julie,
I am very interested in housesitting cats and horses, too. I just completed six full months at a Horse rescue and received a really nice reference letter from my team leader, so that it was posted on my profile. I love that I just saw this note from you, and I just received her recommendation, after I was the team leader this past week. Let me know if I can be of help. Although I live in the US, I can fly over free anytime. Thank you,

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We have done several sits with horses. My wife loves them. Some people just enjoy being around horses. What may put off many potential sitters is if mucking stalls is involved. Obviously you may only want to consider people with some equine experience.


Hello JuliePetParent, As so many others have said, I’m sure you’ll find sitters. With no previous experience but with coaching from the owners, we have successfully sat ponies, horses and even donkeys. The latter required twice daily hoof cleaning as well as mucking out, etc., but it was great to spend time with such lovely animals. The one things we WOULD have had a problem with is finding an alternative place to stay the night before. (We travel on quite a tight budget, and this might very well make a sit like yours inaccessible to us.)

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@Gretch Hi ill message you but i think i have someone

Hi Julie,
I hope you have found someone. Your critters sound very sweet!
I guess I wasn’t clear in my reply. We actually can’t do your sit; we’re already booked for a sit in Washington State. But I did want to let you know that for sitters like us, having to find an alternative place to stay the night before might present a problem.
Hoping you get terrific sitters and your horses love them,

Ok. No worries thanks Gretchen

OMG I didn’t even notice the mini-door. So cute!

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I specifically look for sits with horses or farm animals because I know how hard it is for you to get away. My first sit was for a horse and mini donkey.
I have had many years of dealing with horses and there is a bit more danger dealing with large animals. I would definitely check your homeowners policy about covering any accident that could happen on your property.
I hope you are able to enjoy some time away.