HO's automatically rejecting first 5 applicants

I’ve noticed this a few times now where HO’s are rejecting the first 5 applicants to see who else applies for the sit. I had one HO contact me as I was in the first 5 and say she liked my profile but wanted to see who else would apply first. To be honest I’d not sit for a HO that did that to me.
Anyone else had this happen to?


Necessity is the mother of invention.
If sitters send oneline applications to help them make the top five, why can´t hosts (potentially) reject the first five applicants to make room for 5 more?


I get this but one HO was rejecting banks of 5 until she ran out of applicants then was circling back round to the rejected ones she liked.


I consider this unsavory behavior. Some people only learn by making mistakes! If I felt that I was treated rudely in any way by an Owner, I would never accept the Sit.


Mmm, I wouldn’t necessarily appreciate it either. I can understand the HO’s point of view, but maybe they could have worded it differently by just saying “we had quite a few applications, we’ll take a look and will get back to you asap”
They could’ve refused the candidats that really didn’t suit at all and get new ones while still keeping yours “in the run”…


Yeah, I feel like thats a bit rude, either you are well qualified or not, seems like they are waiting to see if they find someone they like “better”. It would put me off.


Well, HO’s are taking a chance doing this, as initial applicants might not be available any longer once the HO has decided to circle back.


No, I have found the opposite. Most the times if I am not in the first 5 I am told that they will contact me if they don’t find a suitable candidate in the top 5 applicants.


How do you contact them (or they you) if you’re not in the first 5? Or are these HO’s who are rejecting some so they have a ‘back up’ list?


The HO’S are messaging me at time of application when in the first 5 saying they want to look at more sitters. Then following up with a message afterwards.

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They deserve to be left without a sitter then and, I agree with you, I wouldn’t sit for such a person. I find it hard to believe that there wouldn’t be at least one ideal sitter in five.


I honestly have mixed feelings about this. Before the wretched 5 rule, I was happy to apply even when the listing already showed several other applications, because I felt I had a good chance with my convincing application and good track record. I was happy for the owner to have received other applications, because I felt they can make their decision based on the best of however many applications they received. My applications were always very thoughtful and personal. @richten1 what they are doing now aren’t really all that different to how it was done before. It’s just without tact!! I don’t really have an issue with it, as long as it doesn’t take too long to decide. If they pick you, it still means you’re likely their first choice. Whether it’s the first of 5 of the first of 20 doesn’t really matter in my opinion.


Maybe they don’t even read the applications first, maybe they just want a bigger pool to choose from when they sit down to go through the applications.


@richten1 sorry. My query wasnt to you it was to @AngieIA


The best solution would be to let the HO decide how many applications they want to look at. It would be best for both the homeowner and the pet sitter. It is much easier on the ego to be turned down by the owner when there are numerous applications. It is a bit deflating knowing you were not chosen with only 4 other people. The past 5 homeowners who I have talked with, had no idea about the 5-app rule and they were disappointed with the quality of the applicants. It is simple- Homeowners need and want more choices for their very very beloved pets.


Hi everyone as with every discussion on the Forum please keep your comments respectful and non judgmental this will help encourage contributions from all members and not just one side of our community.

There will be any number of reasons for the way members manage their THS accounts and communications and it’s important for us to remember that everyone’s circumstances and experiences are unique.

We may not always understand or agree with each other’s actions and choices but let’s listen to each other’s perspectives, and engage in constructive narrative that promotes understanding within our community.

Thank you


How do you get in touch with them and start the conversation if you are not in the first 5? I have not worked out a way to contact anyone, unless I have made it to the top 5. Sometimes I would love to send a message to say “if you don’t find anyone, I am interested”, but I don’t think that’s possible, is it?


That’s a little strange, they either find someone that is suitable in the first 5, or they continue in their search. Wonder if they were new maybe, not realising that if you find someone good you need to nab them.


I am a home owner and I can tell you that anyone who believes there would be at least one ideal sitter in five is living in a fantasy land.

And the original poster is basically complaining that the the home owner wants the widest choice possible. The home owner has told them they are in the running but they just want a few more options and what is wrong with that?
If I am leaving my pet and and house in someones care I am going to do everything I possibly can to make sure they are the best person/people for it. I’m certainly not going to be forced into a decision by the ridiculous ‘5 sitter application rule’ or anyone who thinks they are entitled because they were lucky enough to make it into the first batch of 5.


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