House Owners and Sitter Profiles

I am new and secured my first sit as a house owner proactively contacted me. I am now applying for sits and wondered if I need to send HO’s a link to my profile or whether it is automatically linked when I apply. I don’t want to repeat a lot of the information in the profile if HO’s can read this.

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It’s automatically linked.


Hi @LizBCN congratulations on getting your first sit and as @Timmy says your profile is automatically linked to your application.

The one thing I will say is that your application is the engager and connector, that is what owners see first and it should inspire the reader to want to open your profile …

Owners are looking to make a connection and the way to do that is through a personalized, professional and friendly message addressing all of the points in their listing, some owners make it easier than others with lots of information to craft a message around, what they are looking for is the WHY … why their sit and pets, the how will come with further communication and that is the key to a successful sit, communication.

Most of all apply for the right sits, right for you and your experience and be yourself.