House sit with no pets - good or bad?

We have just been accepted for our first house-sit that has no pets. Initially, we were delighted at the thought of a few weeks without the responsibility of pet care (or pet hair!) :grinning:- but now we are thinking it might not be as much fun without a four-legged friend to keep us company :anguished:

What do you think?

Hi @Colin, depends very much on the location and if there are lots of things to do locally. I get bored easily, pets give me a reason to get up in the morning, and I love walking.
Also depends on the time of year - a long sit In winter in the UK, with short days and very little daylight, does not appeal.
Good luck, hope you enjoy the sit.


Yes we have our 1st no pet sit for a week coming up. The place looks lovely & is in an area we wanted to visit.
Having just had a busy 3 pet sit we have mixed feelings too. There are plenty of places to visit & we’ll have no ties but also no pets to greet us & keep us company.
I’m also a little more nervous about HO expectations.
In the end I think it’s all experience & variety of sits.
Overall I’m grateful for the chance of a country retreat stay.


Be very careful :rofl: We are on a pet free sit now and have 2 cat strays we feed each day, (Limpy & Stumpy… both compromised by past leg injuries sadly), and a little dog that pops in to say hello now and then!! Mind you… we have been here 11 months :slight_smile:

On a serious note though, we really do miss having pets around, but fortunately we can leave the property for short spells to help out on local sits and get our pet fix! We are off on Thursday for a short repeat sit.


Hi. My one experience of this was a 5-week sit in a home that was in pristine condition and the weather was horrible. When we originally booked, months prior, there was a pet but it passed away before we arrived. The homeowners asked us to come anyway. Other than some light yard work, there was little that needed doing. It did feel a little lacking overall. A pet certainly adds to the enjoyment for me.

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One of the sit we were in august was so easy it was like having no pet :

  • 1 cat so shy we never saw here. I eventually ask the owner if I could put her food in the entrance so she could have it without seing us / being seen by us !
  • 4 hens with an electric door. We just had to check they were safe at night and give them a scope of grain in the morning ! And collect eggs of course, but that is not a chore isn’t it ?

And I must say it was very nice : just enjoying the area and the swimming pool ! But it was only 1 week… and we are sitting as a couple driving our own car.

I’m curious to read about your sit once you’ll be there @colin ! Will you tell us ? I do wonder what do home-owner except from house-sitter in that situation ? Any OH in that case reading this post and telling us more about your expectations ?


Roll with it is my motto. More importantly, How do you feel about it?
It may be an incredible opportunity to do something fantastic. Maybe something you haven’t thought of yet.
I have done maybe one with absolutely no pets. It was short and easy.
I have stayed long term in a rural isolated place in Wales with two feral cats that only showed up for feeding and for bedtime. All I did was provide them and the wild birds feed.
Once I did a 3 week sit with a very shy cat.
Only saw it twice and at a distance. It was a huge 3 story home and she had her spots. I only knew she was there and ok because the food would be eaten and the litter box seemed to be working. :rofl:


Over 5 years I had sitters for my home in Canada, no pets (that’s why I was off pet and housesitting) my sits were for 3 - 9 months duration, I was inundated with applications and had wonderful sitters from Australia return 3 years running.

They were pet lovers but their motivation was to be near their son who had been transferred from Melbourne to Vancouver and lived in a “shoe box” with three roommates, no room for Mum & Dad.

My sitters win … the use of my car, as many guests as they wished, the freedom to go to the States and explore BC, my win was the opportunity to pursue my pet and housesitting passion, a home and garden cared for and an intact Insurance policy.

The great thing about our TrustedHousesitters lifestyle is that it offers members the opportunity to choose what is right for them …


That is the key that unlocks the perfect experience. For me, establishing a good relationship, even better communication eliminates the hardships caused by unspoken expectations.
Being flexible is also super important.


Our first long term housesit was 3-1/2 winter months in a chalet in the French Alps, near a ski resort, with no pet. We just had to shovel the snow and keep the house safe and secure, plus we had 2 cars to “exercise” = drive. We skied all winter and loved it!
On another house sit with just cats to care for, we befriended the neighbor’s dog, asked the busy owner if we could take his dog along with us on our daily walks and he agreed. So there is always a way to enjoy the company of a pet while house sitting!


Hi @Françoise-et-Youn - This sit is for three weeks in Brighton, a seaside resort in the south of England. I will be sure to let you know how it goes :grinning: