House Sitter - listing help needed

Hi friends. Please have a look at my profile please. I need someone to look after my boy Ozzy. Its probably a month. My friend in Las Vegas has stage 4 cancer, i need to be there to give her support. Thank you for taking the time to read my message

I took a quick peek and it’s generally a good posting in my opinion but a couple of things you might want to add.

  1. How close are you to amenities - shops, pub, train/transit, sights of interest etc

  2. You’re close to Glasgow - maybe mention transit links - is there a bus or train easily accessible?

  3. Maybe a bit more info about Ozzie’s temperament, how much exercise etc?

  4. Generally, you have enough photos of all the important rooms etc. There’s one photo that has a vacuum in the shot, plus a pan or something on the chair. If I was being really picky, I might suggest retaking that without those things in the picture.


Hi @Gazbridge, I would change the order of your photos. The first one that someone currently sees is a picture of your kitchen and washing machine - I’d put the picture of Ozzy (the one that you have as the last one) first - If I’m viewing profiles, that’s what would grab my attention.

As @Kelownagurl has stated, put some more info about Ozzy’s needs - does he like to have long walks, or can he only manage short ones? Can he be left for any periods of time, or is he used to you being there all the time?


I also had a look. It might be nice to have more of an introduction to yourself as well in the profile to give it a more personal touch - your hobbies/interests. Something that a potential sitter might feel a connection with. Also agree with the other comments that a sitter would like to know if shops, restaurants, etc. are within walking distance and the personality of Ozzy.


I agree with the other posters about photos and needing more info about Ozzy - how long can he be left alone, for example.

I would add - put the lid of the toilet down before taking a photo of the bathroom (sitters prefer those photos), and change the headline to something that grabs attention. No need to say “Sitter required for my dog” - we know that from the thumbnail Say, for example “Easy dog in Glasgow”

Good luck


Hi @Gazbridge welcome to our community, thank you for joining the forum and bringing Ozzy with you and a special thank you to @Kelownagurl @Lassie @Andrew and @Globetrotter for giving @Gazbridge your valuable help and advice …

It’s inspiring to see members helping members be successful through the sharing of knowledge and personal experiences …

Have a great weekend everyone.


Hi @Gazbridge In reading your listing, it sounds like it was quickly put together. You are inviting a total stranger into your home to care for and spend time with your pet. The more details you have about yourself, your pet, and the surrounding area of things to do explore, the better. Describe some things about yourself: Are you retired? If so, what was your job? Do you have any hobbies?

You have a beautiful pup boy pet. Things you could mention in your listing: How long have you had Ozzy? Is he a rescue? You mentioned “exercise for Ozzy”. What does that consist of? How many walks a day? How long do the walks last? Does Ozzy get along with other dogs? People? How many meals does Ozzy eat daily? Playtime? Any medication required? The more information you provide in your listing, the less a potential sitter will have to wonder about. Remember, you are in competition with other homeowners who too are looking for someone to take care of their homes/pet(s). You want to make your listing/pictures as attractive as possible. Your listing is like a resume; it gives potential sitters a first impression of who you are and what is expected of them. Sitters are selective and depending on what you say or don’t say, could mean the difference between drawing interest or sitters passing your listing by.

@Kelownagurl Sorry, not sure how your name appeared

I agree with all the others re possible improvement suggestions. I don’t think it would hurt to mention at the beginning of your introduction @Gazbridge the main reason you need a sitter as we are compassionate people and hopefully that will draw sitters to apply who want to help you so you can travel to Las Vegas to support your close friend.


Thank you friends, for our tips and suggestions, I will get on to that a.s.a.p.


I think the suggestion from @temba to be upfront about your reasons for going away is a really good one. Housesitters may well try to help, and many people will be more drawn to you as you are clearly a kind and compassionate person.
Also, forgive my ignorance but I didn’t know what part of the country you were in from your listing. Maybe add ‘near Glasgow’ to your heading.
I agree you need much more information about Ozzy’s character, routine and needs. As a sitter it is extra work for me to get in touch with owners to ask about a dog’s temperament, how many daily walks they need, how long the walks are, can they be left at home at all, can they go off the lead or not, what are they like with children, other dogs etc.

Hi friends. Im Gary from Coatbridge in Scotland. My beloved Ozzy needs a friend to take care of him while im away for 1 month. Thanks for reading​:dog2::paw_prints:

Hi @Gazbridge Welcome to the community forum and as I see you are a new owner member, a big welcome to TrustedHousesitters!

I’d recommend adding a link to your listing into your forum profile so that our wonderful sitter members can view your listing directly. I will pop a link with details to do this below:

If you ever need any help, you will find this forum a great place to find answers. Alternatively, you are always welcome to contact our Membership Services team too and we will be happy to help.

All the best

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Hello my friend. I have updated my profile information, I would like to get some feedback please. Thank you

Hi @Gazbridge You’ve done a good explanation of why a car is not needed, so congratulations for that. Many sitters will appreciate that.

I suggest you provide more detail about the usual exercise routine for Ozzy, such as how many times a day and for how much time each time. If that’s flexible, then show that, but sitters want to make sure they are a good fit for Ozzy’s usual lifestyle.

I would also make better use of your headline to attract more sitters. I would focus on one feature: “Nearby great links to public transit”. The title may be a little boring, but your aim is to widen your sitter search.

Thank you I will.

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Hello my friends, I have updated my profile. I think I have covered everything. I would great appreciate comments and feedback, also have I posted my request for a house and dog sitter okay?? Thank you

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Oh my gosh, Ozzy is just adorable and Scotland is a country I have been yearning to visit since I started reading gothic romances in my teens! I wish I could help you out during this time frame!

@temba recommended you included your need for a sitter–I 100% agree that you should add that. And while it may be challenging to get just one sitter for that time period, perhaps you could consider breaking up the sit. You could post both of those in your introduction.

Best of luck to you, and prayers to your friend!

I think you’ve done a super job on your tweaks. I really hope you find a sitter soon!

PS I was googling Coatbridge and just realized I was there when I visited Summerlee Industrial Museum!)