How can I get applicants to answer the questions in my listing?

Yes, they need to acknowledge that their pool of applicants might be zero. In which case, they need to have a backup or two; they cancel their trip, kennel their animal, pay a local sitter. TH might not be the right answer for every trip. Just as it isn’t for me, as a sitter.

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Thank you everyone for the great discussion and feedback! I’ve updated my listing to bring Cortana’s important info closer to the top and smoothed over some awkward sentences in the other sections as well. In retrospect it was ridiculous omit her from the introduction since she’s the star of the show!

Hopefully it reads better, and after the feedback here I’m comfortable with leaving the questions at the end without extra prompting.

Previously I had phrased the car bullet point as a question, but applicants read it as “optional” instead of “required” and I had to change it. My area isn’t a travel destination that attracts sitters from around the world, and quite frankly would be pretty hard to get to without a car in the first place. Due to that I think my sitter demographic is already limited to people who live within a few hours away and are looking to escape their city apartments for a week or so. I’m comfortable with keeping it as a limiting requirement, along with “no pets” and “no kids”. That said, the suggestion of a local friend’s car is a great one which I hadn’t considered! It doesn’t work for us right now since we’re new to the area and have no reliable connections yet, but I will keep it in mind for the future.

Thanks again everyone!