How can I reach out to sitters

We were totally gutted to receive a text message that our sitter had to cancel. We are due to leave on Wednesday 13th April for a 6.5 week road trip around Spain. I have resisted , boosted the listing, invited UK sitters and asked for Admin help. This was the first house sit we were welcoming into our house so you can imagine how upsetting this is for us. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Sally, I understand completely your worry! I’m a planner and I like to have everything organised. I’m going away mid May.

I suggest you link your THS profile to your community forum user name, then anyone will be able to easily see your ‘sit’:

I’m so sorry Sally. That has to be stressful. Although I’m new to house and pet sitting as well as to the forum, I’ve been diligently reading the forum and recently saw a last minute sit filled where the sitter had cancelled. I hope this happens for you too!

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Hi @SallyKay I have posted your lovely listing opportunity into your forum profile so that other members can access …

OH thank you for that . I’m learning so any tips are very much appreciated and it makes so much sense . I will definitely put my THS profile onto my forum profile (I need to find it​:joy::joy:) tomorrow as it recommends using a desk too. Many thanks to you

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Oh, that would be so good. I will be using the forum a lot more now I’ve discovered how supportive it is. I am so thankful to you for giving me hope

Thank you for your kind words

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Oh thank you so much

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