How can I see more sits on a search page

sorry if this has been answered but I could not find it in a search.
Currently on my PC when I click on “find a sit” page I get 12 sits to a page.
Is there a way of seeing more sits at a time on one page?
thanks :slight_smile:

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@liz Thank you for your question. As you have spotted each page on the website has 12 housesits before you have to view the next page. There is no current option to view more per page, but feel free to add it to the suggestions thread:

If you download the app, you see one at a time but can continue to scroll down the list, so that might be a helpful option.

Let me know if you have any more questions or need anymore help at all.

thank you for your reply

on the app I cannot find a filter for NEW sits (android)

sorry Carla - I see now it’s the default - apologies

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