How Do I Know My Dog Loves Me?

Whether house sitting is your hobby of choice or you’ve got a pooch of your own at home and you welcome pet sitters on the regular, you’ll know the unrivaled feeling that love from a pup conjures in us humans. But, have you ever wondered how your pup really feels? How do dogs show affection ? Are they just around for the biscuits, walkies and treats? Well here we’re cracking the case, exploring all the signs your dog loves you and the behaviors that show your pooch is totally smitten. So, is it puppy love? Let’s find out…

So … How do you know your dog loves you? :dog: :heartbeat: :dog:


Yep @Angela-HeadOfCommunity this article hits the nail on the head. Our little girl, Sassy, did EVERY SINGLE ONE of those 16 signs…maybe that is the reason we miss her so very much. We knew how much she loved us and we loved her just as much because we let her kiss (lick) us to death, keep her paw on us, lay in our lap, sleep with us…and the list goes on…but probably the most was just the way she looked at us when we were holding or petting her. I still remember that sweet look she had for us as we were saying our farewells. It was a true look of her love for us and the fact she knew how much we loved her.


Our Zorro is guilty of every single one of these :sparkling_heart: :grin:


There are several ways that dogs show affection and appreciation for their owners:

  1. Tail wagging: A wagging tail is a clear indication that your dog is happy and excited to see you. The tail wag can also be accompanied by other signs of affection like jumping or licking.
  2. Eye contact: If your dog maintains eye contact with you for extended periods of time, it’s a sign that they trust and feel comfortable around you.
  3. Cuddling: Dogs love physical affection and will often seek out cuddles and snuggles with their owners.
  4. Bringing you gifts: Dogs love to please their owners, and bringing you a toy or other item they think you’ll like is a sign of their affection.
  5. Following you around: Dogs are pack animals, and if your dog follows you around the house or yard, it’s a sign that they see you as their leader and want to be close to you.
  6. Excitement for activities: If your dog gets excited when you mention activities like going for a walk or playing fetch, it’s a sign that they enjoy spending time with you.

Remember, every dog is different and may show affection in their own unique way. However, if your dog exhibits any of these behaviors, it’s a good indication that they love and appreciate you as their owner