Does your dog truly love you?


This is brilliant @mars; we (THS members) have always known how clever they are though, haven’t we?


Ah I enjoyed reading this. Thanks so much for sharing, I’m not sure if I read this article before or maybe it was on the Atlantic or NYT, but do recall this:

“When a dog and a human are bonded, each touch and each bit of eye contact causes their bodies to release the powerful hormone oxytocin—the “love chemical” that also promotes bonding between mother and child”

I know for certain my dog and I have this bond. Since the moment we met actually. I don’t have children of my own but can imagine that it’s quite similar.

I also agree that dogs are a great judge of character. He’s great with kids, and with all my friends but he’s a bit apprehensive with strangers coming into our home. I noticed that he warmed up pretty quickly to a few of the house sitters we’ve had.