How do I read the calendar?

I’m confused by the colored dates on the availability calendar. There are also the simply white (I am sure those mean open) and then there are the crossed out ones. What does the blue colored ones mean?

Hi @Licoricemom there are many many threads on the forum about the calendar. Just search “calendar” using the spy glass. Here’s one to get you started

Hi @Licoricemom , this is a constant question and could easily be solved if THS would put a key with the calendar! Blue coloured means sitter is available, white means unavailable and is the default, and crossed out means sitter is on a THS sit. Many sitters do not keep their calendar updated.


Which should be easy to do if it were not that THS is afraid to touch the code.

As @Ben-ProductManager wrote:
“The desktop and mobile web implementation has also been written in an old codebase which has over the years prevented us from fixing bugs and making improvements.”

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I gave up updating the calendar long ago


Same here @Smiley the calendar is pretty much useless


The calendar is useless to me also. I ignore it.