How do you celebrate while traveling?

I have a birthday coming up, and that got me thinking about how we celebrate while travelling. Last year I celebrated my birthday by sipping award-winning wines on a warm, sunny afternoon with friends we hadn’t seen in a long, long time. That was a fabulous afternoon! Years ago we celebrated a friend’s “big 0” birthday in a very different way, by whitewater rafting Class V rapids in Africa (with the goal of getting flipped by each rapid!) That was one of the most adrenaline-filled, death-defying things I’ve ever done, and it was the perfect way to celebrate Brent’s birthday. Both occasions were ones we won’t forget anytime soon.

Have you celebrated a special occasion while travelling? We’d love to hear what you did and how it went.

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At this point, I have come to appreciate each and every single day from the moment I become conscious after a good rest.
Life is such a gift.
Birthdays in particular are just steeped with immense gratitude for all the wonderful experiences and moments. It doesn’t matter where I am, there is always something absolutely wonderful.
I do love to speak to family, good friends who reach out and usually just do something nice for myself.
Oh wait that’s every day.
I will DM you.


Oh @Amparo I love your outlook on life!

That’s so true! Thanks for adding some sunshine to all of our day.

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Apart from agreeing with @Amparo, for ‘extra’ special days we try and book a special restaurant, or outing. For my last birthday, we were in Dublin. Look what I found?! High tea on a vintage bus! Right up my alley, as I’m not allowed to do high tea stuff for hubby’s birthday, but if it’s for my own birthday, there can’t be any groanings :joy: It was great fund for both of us.


Wow! What a fabulous idea @botvot ! High tea and seeing the sights all at once (and getting to do something you usually don’t do, due to dear hubby not generally enjoying such things)! Good for you! That sounds like loads of fun.


I celebrated my birthday in Puerto Vallarta last month.

On the night of my birthday, there was an audience participation show called “So you think you can dance”. I’ve danced my entire life and the animation team at the resort knew I loved to dance so asked me to enter. I was paired up with one of the professional resort dancers. We put together four routines in the space of a few minutes and had four costume changes and we won!! Here’s me - the oldest contestant in the show with my much younger dance partner and winning bottle of tequila - it was the most fun BD ever!


@Globetrotter happy belated birthday! That does sound like the most fun birthday ever. A perfect fit for you. Congrats on winning the contest. What songs did you pick to dance to?

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Thanks Karen! I didn’t get to pick the songs but they did play an old fav of mine “Rock Around the Clock”. The remainder was salsa, bachata, cumbia.

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@Globetrotter CONGRATULATIONS on your birthday and for being fabulous!!

Me too … When we dance we dance the music and that can take us to our happy place.
Age has nothing to do with “feeling it” …

CONGRATULATIONS :star_struck: :clap: :clap: :clap:
I bet that tequila tasted good!!


@Globetrotter I’m impressed! Dancing all those styles – good for you! That was a terrific way to celebrate your birthday.

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We always celebrate our birthdays and Wedding Anniversary somewhere special. For my last big birthday hubby surprised me with a wonderful trip to St Lucia, I actually didn’t know where we were going until the Captain announced the destination during his welcome PA! … a lovely surprise :sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face:

This was our dinner on the beach on my birthday whilst staying at the Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort… I always love to dine on the beach so this was fab!

We had great fun getting covered in mud whilst at the Toraille Waterfall near the town of Soufriere.

Then we headed to Jade Mountain, one of my all time favourite resorts. :st_lucia::blush:


Last year we went to a hot springs and I enjoyed every moment!
This year, which is in a few days, we are going to an ancient stone circle, abbey ruins and a megalithic tomb! I love picnics so we will either do that, or find some lunch on the way. We will then top it off with a lovely movie at the place we are house-sitting.
I am just thankful to be in my home country this year, and have just had an all clear doctor’s report after over a year of concern.
I am celebrating every moment to be sure!


@RoseC Sounds really exciting, I hope you have a lovely time and I completely understand what you are saying, I had a similar issue last year following a year of concern and am just so happy to enjoy and celebrate every given moment! :blush:

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We went to Hawaii for my wife’s 60th. We have spent a couple of my birthdays in February at a resort in my favorite National Park Olympic. One thing that I have always wanted to do his go up in a balloon over some of the hill towns in France. We actually had a house sit lined up in one of the most famous just before Covid happened. I am currently doing my fourth sit looking after a pair of cats in a wonderful custom built home overlooking the water on one of the San Juan Islands here in Washington.


@RoseC I’m so glad you’ve gotten the all clear from your doctor after a year of concern. Yay! I hope you have beautiful weather for your outing to the ruins, etc. and have a splendid birthday.

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@Dennis happy (belated?) birthday! The San Juan Islands is a beautiful part of Washington state. What a great place to sit with a pair of cats. Thanks for sharing the picture of your view.

We also love Olympic NP. Did you stay at the Hot Springs Resort?

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@Globetrotter How fabulous! What a great way to spend your birthday & of course congratulations on your win! :clap:t2::trophy::slightly_smiling_face:

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I was a Destination Expert on the Trip Advisor forums for several years. I know Olympic about as well as any local. Been exploring it for over forty years. My first visit was long ago over Spring Break in 1972. Back then and before the internet few people outside of the PNW even knew that it existed. I’m there all the time. If you mean Sol Duc Hot Springs personally I’m not a big fan. I visit the Sol Duc Valley though often.


@Samox24 once again, some absolutely amazing and beautiful pics. And I guess your hubby is pretty special to have surprised you like that!


@Debbie-Moderator He is but then I do the same for him! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::slightly_smiling_face: … and thank you re pics :blush: