Joy from being a member

This platform and forum spark so much joy.
All the love.
All the beautiful humans, pets and homes.
All the connections.
The spirit of adventure & caring.
It’s all amazing.
I’ve been quietly observing this forum for months and months.
And just that experience by itself has been a gift on its own!

Now, I’m ready to introduce myself and offer up the ability to be a sitter for your wonderful pets this August anywhere in Europe.

CONFESSION - I’ve been in an accident recently and I am still in recovery — so I am really dreaming of the beach holiday while taking care of your fluff for the rest of the summer!

ABOUT ME - I’m a 25-year-old and soon it will be 10 years for me living in the beautiful city of Prague. I travelled quite a lot - studied in Dublin for 3 years, and spend 2 years in Puerto Rico. I miss travelling and I would love to do it this summer. I work as a real estate agent, owe a tutoring agency and a flower store. I love a good coffee, cooking and baking, reading and generating new business ideas. My most incredible trip so far has been to Peru and I am a big Pisco Sour lover.

MY EXPERIENCE WITH THS - I could not be more grateful for finding this platform. Me and my husband are in the process of building a house now so we decided to mostly travel this year. So far we have been doing sits in Denmark (for our favourite bulldog Cleo), Portugal (with 2 amazing cats & 2 dogs), Switzerland (we have been taking care of 14 y.o westie terrier), Spain (taking care of 2 giant Main Coons that we will never forget) and Malaysia (we had 1 month sit with a very funny & vocal cat Zara)
We are super excited to continue learning and visiting different parts of the world, meeting pet owners and building amazing connections with them.

To sum it all up — I’m so grateful to have found this platform and excited to hopefully meet new friends and pets around the world! :earth_americas:


Beautiful. Just perfecto.
It is a joy to see you finally come forth here and I wish you wonderful travels, joyful pets and a happy loving home.


Such a lovely post @anutaa_i :blush::grin::white_heart:.
I too am so grateful of the TH site.
Each sit we do i feel of surge of gratefulness for being in such a lovely place at that time, for the HO for entrusting us with their pets & giving us the opportunity. It really does open up heartfelt opportunities.
Prague is also somewhere id like to visit.
Good luck with your membershio & the opportunities it will open up for you.

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Hello @anutaa_i and welcome back to the forum. It sounds like a lot has been happening in your life since you were last here but we absolutely love your positivity and generous words!

Building a house is a challenge in itself! I know because we are currently building a tiny house in France on a piece of land we bought during the pandemic. Are you building it yourselves, with help or do you have professionals? I’m imagining the latter given the full lives you lead house sitting and travelling!

Peru is still on our travel list together (my partner has been) … but apart from Pisco Sours, what did you particularly love about your trip and the country?

Have dropped a link here for your cocktail (including some history of its origin) in case anyone wants a new idea for summer drinks! I’m a big fan of bitters so think I’ll be trying this!

Enjoy the forum and continue to enjoy life !!


Dear Vanessa,
Thank you for your kind message. Peru has an amazing authentic spirit. It is a very ancient place with an interesting history. Locals are absolutely lovely and friendly always ready to help and answer your questions. We were lucky that we came on a national holiday so there were a lot of parades and we got to see people dancing in their authentic costumes, it was colourful, bright and unforgettable. You will see locals going around with baby goats trying to offer you a cute picture and someone will try to offer you coca leaves which are supposed to help you heal your mountain sickness (which is unavoidable there, the first 2 days are tough). Their national dish is guinea pig (which is like chicken for us) but I haven’t had the guts to try it. Overall, I was surprised with the quality of food in the restaurants, everything is fresh and absolutely delicious. And of course Macchu Picchu! Still speechless… you will have to see yourself!!!


@anutaa_i You have painted a wonderful picture… you describe things beautifully and I’m sure one day it will make it onto our travel list! During your continuing travels, please do come back to post more pix share your travel stories over in our Travel category! Thanks again for sharing!!

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