How do you pamper yourself while traveling?

Travel and pets are the two components of my pampering regime.
No need for anything else.


I would agree, ElsieD, and today, I realized, my 2 sets, from India, of nice 100% thin cotton printed Pajamas with birds on them, are my third “Pampering Tool” of choice!

I looked for them on Etsy, found them, and now feel ever-so-pampered, lounging after the many walks per day that keep me uplifted.


@Kelly_U we missed out on doing a flower bath in Bali, but we had lots of wonderful Balinese massages and did a trip to some natural hot springs. This is on my list for a future visit :hibiscus:


The Beer Spa was AWESOME! I recommend it to anyone going to Prague…it’s was deff over our regular spa/pool budget as I think (even with a coupon) it cost around $100 for the two of us…that’s the thing in SE Asia and Eastern Europe we got used to getting day passes to spas for like 12Euro-50Euro tops. The Philippines actually has the cheapest messages (we paid $5 for the two of us to get a couples full body message - the foot message alone was 1hr, the entire experience was 3!!) I’d go back to the Philippines in a heartbeat. Anyhow yes the Beer Spa IMO was worth it my skin never felt so soft - we also drank our weight in the beer that was included :rofl: :beers:


yes absolutely! I ended up doing it more than once while we were in Ubud because I loved it so much and oh man did it smell like heaven!


I definitely miss the cheap massages and spa days in the Philippines and Bali! I was in heaven there!


Pyjamas are a must. Shower, put on your pyjamas, pour a glass of chilled wine and watch the hubbie cook a delicious dinner. That’s what you call pampering.


We’re going to need a whole new thread for Bali. The entire time there is one big soul pampering? Nourishing session.

I may have to take a turn before heading back from Australia later this year.
:thinking: yeah


@Amparo I met my husband in Bali and these photos brought back so many fond memories, food, locations and the people we met. #happyplaces


I am so happy for you! Sweet hubby! That does sound very relaxing and luxurious. (Pyjamas, pajamas, colors, colours, etc…+ stay on and drive on the left, yeesh: I have so much to modify, for The UK!)

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I LOVE these photos! They too remind me of our delightful time there…such a special island and full of beautiful people and culture.