Lets get ready to bali!

Hey there fellow travelers!

I’ve done my homework and scoured the internet for info, but now it’s time to ditch the screen and get out there to make some epic memories!
Would love to do some THS there as well.

Any juicy tips or insider knowledge you have to share would be greatly appreciated!


You’re going to love it!

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Hello @sreago1 as @Amparo said - You’re going to love it!

I might be a little biased as I met my now husband there. Our favourite locations were Ubud and Canggu, but there are so many amazing spots around the island.

We also loved our scooters, the scenery and the Balinese are just so lovely.

There are lots of volunteer programs and we spent some time helping children in a local village collect plastic. This was set up by a Balinese man who wanted to educate and help the plastic problem on the island. We found out about this via FB pages and the restaurants in Ubud have flyers and information on the walls.

We also stayed in a communal villa in Ubud (with your own room and bathroom) which was really cool as we cooked together and learnt from each other as some travellers had been there months and some only a few days. Plus they had cool cats that sometimes snuck into your room for a cuddle.

Sadly I got ‘Bali belly’ and my body did not like the food. I wanted to eat at the local warungs, but stuck to more of the Australian restaurants for smoothies and buddha bowls or cooked at the villa. I also got quite a serious infection from swimming in the rivers - many others including my husband also did and were fine, I was just unlucky, but make sure you have good travel insurance.

Biscuit the Balinese villa kitten

Plastic education at school.

My little group of students collected plastic with me.

Plastic from around the village

Edit: plus check out BAWA - Bali animal welfare association, we still donate to them as they do such an awesome job and sometimes need help with volunteers.


@Carla-Moderator, what’s the story of how you met your husband in Bali? Everyone loves a good love story. :wink:

Maybe there’s a place in Bali where one is destined to meet their true love? It reminds me of a story in a manga: If two people were holding hands when the festival’s first firework was launched, they’d be together forever. :grin:

Just to clarify, I’m totally not superstitious about stuff like that. :sweat_smile:

I agree with all of the above. I too met my true love and we’ve been holding hands since.
Oh wait that was me. :see_no_evil:


@geoff.hom I will share a little as not really sure it’s as exciting as it sounds. I went to Bali as my heart dog Fudge had recently passed away from cancer. I booked a yoga and wellness retreat and wanted some quality me time.
I arrive very jetlagged (actually I did not know that you could feel that jetlagged!)
I slept the whole first 24 hours and woke up with a vision of self-discovery, independence and being on my own. I walked down the stairs of the villa in my PJs and there was Chris in the kitchen feeding the villa cats…
A four-month friendship, I extended my visa twice and then we became a couple. We flew back to the UK in early 2020 and nothing like a global pandemic to make you stay together 24/7 to see if it works :rofl:

You asked!

@Amparo me for many years - a very worthy true love :wink:


I’ve only been to Bali once – about 20 years ago – and on the whole it was a great experience. One thinks of beautiful tropical beaches – but note in Carla’s photos that her students were gathering plastic trash. Plastic bags are ubiquitous and the first time I went to the beach it was covered in plastic bags that the wind had carried ashore. I hope things have changed since I went, but the locals back then threw their plastic bags into nearby streams and that’s how they get in the ocean. Another thing to beware of – the monkeys who “entertain” tourists at temples and other popular tourist spots: these quick thieves will try to take anything they can grab – your sunglasses, phone, pocketbook. Then locals fetch it back for you and expect a tip – so hold tight to anything the monkeys can grab. Do try to see a colorful temple procession, visit local craft shops – their ikat weavings are great – and attend a gamelan concert. Have a great time!

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Thanks for sharing, @Carla-Moderator! Sounds like a pretty good story to me! I can just see them making a film about it, starring Julia Roberts. They could call it, “Sleep Pets Love.” :grin: