How do you react?

How do you react when your favourite brand of beans is subtly changed?

Do you flounce off and refuse to buy any of their products?
Do you write a stern letter to the CEO and demand they are changed back?
Do you complain every time you go into the supermarket to anyone that listens?
Do you give the company a running commentary of what they could do better and how they are ruining your life?

Or do you just get on with it and adopt a taste for the new beans and work with this change?

Just saying.


Great analogy @ElsieDownie for the current climate.

I look around for a brand of beans that better suits my taste :grinning:


Ha. In my mind, I think I should boycott them. And tell them why. And I do give sideeye to the product every time I walk past the shelf at the grocery store. But in the end, I just figure that I have to live with it and adapt. This has been the way for at least 30 years…I remember when they changed the scent of my favorite shampoo. I was traumatized as a teenager could be. Now…meh. It’ll still work.

This. And I would voice my strong opposition to the change on a bean-lovers forum! I would hope that if enough customers complained, the bean processor would realize their mistake (see New Coke, for example) and reverse the change.


The shop owner oversees and makes note of the reactions and effects this change has created. She is disheartened that some of the customers are unhappy, and no longer buying the beans but understands that this is part of doing business. The town where the shop is located is growing and new customers are coming in who absolutely love the bean recipe and the beans are flying off the shelves.
Though the new customers may not be writing letters to the shop, they are preparing delicious meals, (they are great cooks who know how to add the right ingredients) and those that savor them ask where they got those great beans.
The business keeps going, and keeps growing.
The disgruntled eventually move on and harmony is once again restored, until the next change…
The bean farmer on the other hand, could care less as long as the beans are needed and they are happy to take them wherever the demand is.
The beans are happy, basking in the sunshine and rain and know that when the time comes and they are eaten, they will leave a lasting impression and have the satisfaction that their existence mattered.
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A wonderful sequel.
Live long and prosper.

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we can be bean farmers in South America :hugs:

Sounds like an ideal world. Can’t wait to get there.

Keep Calm and Carry On


It depends a lot on the kind of change to the beans and how it affects me. If I really dislike the taste, texture, or new ingredients, then I change brands.

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You enter into an prepaid agreement to buy/bid for beans. Then, you hear (by word of mouth) that only the first five people into the shop can bid for the beans.

Problem is you live far away (in a different time zone) from the shop and the only way to get to the shop first is to wake up at 3am to be at the shop when it opens at 8am. Sometimes even if you do wake up early, all the beans are gone by the time you get there; and sometimes you wake up, start your journey and get half way to the shop and the shop closes. You go home dejected and try to get some sleep.

When you try to explain your problem to the shop (and some of the other bean buyers) and ask for a bit of time to get to the shop you are told that you just don’t like change, should get creative with new ingredients and make it work for you. You wonder what your options are because you loved the beans when you could buy them and have recommended the beans to many others who also live far away, but who now probably won’t make it to the shop in time either.

You decide that you are still the best bidder for the beans, so for the moment you will keep trying even if it means 3am starts. But it’s tiring.


I find another brand of beans that I like and start buying those.