What kind of reaction emoji do you think the Forum needs?

Hello everyone!

I wanted to talk to you about emojis.

Did you know that emojis have been around since at least the 1990s? It’s amazing to think that something that started off in internet chat rooms (anyone remember the days of AOL?) and now a huge number of people use emojis to share their mood or their reactions with someone.

As you know, our Forum has a small number of emoji available for reacting to Forum member’s posts, and we’ve been thinking about adding a couple more.

We wanted to give you, the people who would use them each day, the chance to discuss which you’d find useful.

Do you think we’re lacking a “yum” emoji to express how you feel about someone posting a local dish they’ve tried? Or perhaps a “wow” emoji to show your surprise at someone’s news!

We are all about keeping the vibes in line with our guidelines.

We’d love to hear from you about this, so that we make any decisions with the people who use the Forum in mind, so please let us know what your reaction emoji suggestions are!

Thank you!


Ps for those of you who mentioned the hug emoji was a little too happy. That is the only hug one available on Discourse (our forum provider), but please share if you think another type of emoji might express those types of hugs better.

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Great topic , the forum could definitely do with some more emoji responses.
Frequently the only appropriate response to a post would have been :scream:and :nauseated_face:.


My often used 2 favourite emojis in other places are


@Silversitters & @BonnyinBrighton

Thank you for getting the discussion going! Some great suggestions so far. I look forward to more entries or upvotes of favourite ones :star_struck:

Probably my most used emojis (not including the ones which go against the vibes haha) :crossed_fingers: :wink: :astonished: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :yum: :pensive:


Emotions expressing a negative emotion. Life is not all sunshine and roses and that’s ok! It would be useful and truthful for that to be reflected here, too. I’d often like to use :scream: :disappointed_relieved: :astonished: :angry:

On the positive ones, my personal favourite is :star_struck:


An exasperated one - someone hitting their head out of frustration.
:thinking: thought provoking. There’s lots of topics/comments that make me stop and think about things differently.
:scream: Lots of comments make me want to scream.


When I first joined this forum there was a “wow” emoji for reacting to comments.
I definitely miss that one.

Also, having a “grimace” :grimacing: and a “thinker” :thinking: would be useful.

Thank you! :pray:


@luckycat That’s a wow from me as I did not know that! Great feedback.

I am out of the office for a week, so will keep this post running and then when I am back we will update you all on the new emojis :smiley:

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