More emojis please

Is it possible to have a wider choice of emojis we can click on to respond to a post. The ‘heart/love’ seems a bit over the top for most occasions when you just want to ‘like’ a post - a ‘care’ ‘angry’ ‘sad’ and ‘like’ would be good, regularly used options to have.

Great observation Colin and something we’ve been looking at just recently, as we’ve had the same conversation among ourselves. We use the Discourse platform for the forum as you probably know, so we are restricted by their options which as standard only includes the heart as a “like” emoji. There is no easy way to change this, with a flick of a switch so to speak, so we are looking at options available via “plug in” type software. When we know what’s possible, we’ll feedback here to see what people think, before making any change but it looks likely it is just the change of the heart to a different icon, a thumbs up for instance. But we certainly agree, sometimes the heart isn’t the most appropriate symbol. Thanks again and have a good weekend!


There’s the “like” button of course but sometimes I feel wrong “liking” a post where there is a tragic story, for example.
It’s a matter of trivia really but could there be more Facebook-like responses such as love, shock, amazement, sympathy etc?