Symbols on posts

Why would a post have the 'heart/like" symbol missing?

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Hello @HelloOutThere … do you have a specific post on here you have seen that you are referring to?

Yes…my wife was reading thru my posts on my “forum dashboard” and noticed it is missing on some of mine. The screen shot is from one if my posts.

I thought maybe it was dependent on the post type but I could not find a pattern of it missing in posts.

I couldn’t answer her, so I thought I would ask🙂

@HelloOutThere You do not have the option to put a ‘heart’ or ‘like’ on your own posts.
Hope this answers your question.


That would have been my educated guess.:slightly_smiling_face:

But when Scrolling through the forum and you come to your own post and there’s no heart showing that makes sense?

The heart shows up for other people when they come across your post?

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Like this just for example

@HelloOutThere yes the heart is showing for others when they view your post and then they can ‘like’ or ‘heart’ your post and you can see how many likes your comment has received.

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Thanks for your time.

@HelloOutThere you are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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