I’m Missing My Profile Icon

Back in the old days of the forum :laughing: there was an icon on the top right of the page with my avatar and some notifications (quantity of saved posts or items and unread replies) but it’s gone.
Was it part of the floating banner problems @Ben @Paul @Angela ?

I still have that so looks like a local issue.

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@Saltrams we will investigate …

I still have that

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Still missing :pleading_face:

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@Saltrams investigating

Thanks, I’m sure I’ll manage! :grin:

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I used the forum in a Safari Web page earlier today & the icon is still there on that. I realised how useful it is because of the notifications indicated by numbers there. Of course there are several ways of finding the same things on the platform but I found the icon handy, personally.


Update to this plea: I haven’t got a search facility either. In fact, I think there’s a whole banner missing AND I suspect that it went AWOL when the floating strip issue was fixed.
In the image, there is a tiny suspicion of white writing and a shadow under the main banner where I think that there might be another banner that is being hidden. That will be the one with the search magnifier icon, the menu 3 bar icon and my little profile icon!

May I have it back please :blush:?

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Will get this looked at @Saltrams thanks for flagging …