New emojis ... a wider choice now available

It seems like Christmas has come early on the forum! Many of us have said it would be nice to have more emojis to express our feelings or feedback about a post. Sometimes a heart isn’t always the most appropriate response.

Well, it seems that overnight 6 additional emojis have arrived as an update to the forum settings!

Screenshot 2021-10-22 09.31.46

So now you can express yourself in ways that are more fitting to the topic or comment - have fun everyone !!

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I clicked on the fifth one but I’m slightly scared to ask what it is!
Any suggestions?

@JackieX When you hover on it it says “confetti ball”
I confess I have had to look up what this symbolizes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: this is what google tells me…

"The image of an opened confetti ball bursting open is a symbol of celebration . This emoji is regularly used in relation to events such as weddings or New Year’s Eve. Confetti Ball Emoji can be utilised to express “Congratulations!” or for various good wishes such as saying “Happy birthday!”, “Happy New Year!”.

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Thank you. Not sure how much use that one will be getting on a forum!

Maybe it becomes a celebration of filling or finding a sit!! :tada: :confetti_ball:
I think we’ll run with these 6 newly added ones and see what the usage is over the next month and then review :slight_smile:


For our forum members who’ve been requesting a better way to express their opinion than simply a heart emoji … which is not always relevant (I use them A LOT) we’d love to hear what you think … thanks @Vanessa-Admin for delivering this Friday surprise :slightly_smiling_face: : :clap:


I don’t think so … it’s an update that’s come through from Discourse… and if I try to change an emoji I get a no entry sign. This isn’t something we have control of… we have to work with the software that’s provided :slight_smile:

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Have to admit to some confusion as to why people only have these few emojis available… When I click on the smiley I get access to Loads of emojis… :grinning: :rofl: :heart_eyes: :scream_cat: :alien: :mask: :dog2: :guide_dog: :guide_dog: :poodle: :wolf:

hmm I could use this one to represent sand in my pants :confetti_ball:
:confounded: oh my they do have some naughty one too

Amparo must behave
Amparo must behave

naaaa :rofl:

@Foldor13 @Provence @Amparo - Just for clarity, these aren’t the emojis that you can put in a post of which you have many options, but those used specifically for liking a topic or comment (see the screen shot above) :slight_smile: I will use a different one on each of your comments to demonstrate :slight_smile:


Yes Madam I understand. Just having a wee bit of fun.

Where did you get all those from!!!
I have no emojis!!!

Where do I get the emojis from? I don’t have them!

When you click to reply there is a little smiley face above where you write your reply, … Also enables you to do this and this. I also have the emoji keyboard on my iPad, iMac and phoned…

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Hover over the heart on the comment or original post in a topic that you want to like. Wait a second and the 6 new options should show. We’ve only had one heart symbol to use until now but Discourse have obviously had lots of requests and changed it.

Here is the text I can add emojis by clicking the smiley face (it’s directly above where I types smiley face :wink: You’ll see lots of them like you do on social media or other places.

After you hit reply, you see that tool bar, same one we use to upload pics, click on the smiley face and all sorts of things pop up to use in your comment.

The new ones are new reactions we can use to a person’s comment.

I HAVE EMOJIS !!! Woooooo- hoooooo!

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Hi Vanessa. Although this sounds at first like good news, I have to add a word of caution here. We are a global community, and emojis have different meanings in different cultures. For example, in the attached article you’ll see that thumbs up and clapping hands are not well received in some cultures. Let’s hope everyone remembers that we all mean well when using them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cultural meanings of emojis


Good point @Snowbird and as mentioned we will trial these and no doubt end up removing some which remain little used. This was a standard software update from Discourse and as a number of members had requested more emoji options, we decided to leave the full selection to see which are most widely accepted and used during this trial.

You are right, Emojis can be misinterpreted as much as words these days, and we will never please everyone with the final choice. However, as these particular ones are widely used in non-Asian cultures in business, on social media and in other online environments, let’s do hope our members choose their emojis carefully and with respect :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing!


that does not seem to work in Firefox Vanessa