(a cheat sheet for formatting forum posts) (the formatting menu)

When writing a forum topic/reply, I want something visual to understand what formatting is possible. Hence this post.

This post focuses on what you can do with the formatting menu:

  • How to use
    • When you want inspiration, scroll down and see if any formatting sparks joy.
    • For each example, I tried to hint how to reproduce that.


  • In forum posts, you can mix and match using the formatting menu, Markdown, BBCode, and HTML.
  • For listings/profiles/reviews/feedback, it’s a totally different system. Long story short—there seem very few formatting options.

Going through the toolbar, left to right:

  • (Quote whole post)

    • (easier to explain by replying to this post) (so see below)
  • Strong (aka Bold)

  • Emphasis (aka Italic)

  • (Insert Hyperlink)

  • (Blockquote)

    • line 1
      line 2

      line 4

    • (select the lines you want in the blockquote) (then click the “Blockquote” button)
  • Preformatted text (aka code) (aka monospace text)

    • example: one line
    • (multiline)
      • "lastName": "Smith",
        "age": 25,
      • (select the lines you want in the code block) (then click the “Preformatted text” button)
      • (note that a code block has formatting you may not want) (e.g., auto-coloring)
  • (Upload)

    • (choose an image from your computer) (after uploading, hover over the image)
      • (to rename) (click the pencil icon)
      • (to scale) (click 100%, 75%, or 50%)
      • (to delete) (click the trash icon)
    • (you can also drag-and-drop images into the input pane/area)
  • (Bulleted List) (aka unordered list)

    • line 1
    • line 2
    • (select the lines you want in the list) (then click the “Bulleted List” button)
  • (Numbered List) (aka ordered list)

    1. line 1
    2. line 2
    • (select the lines you want in the list) (then click the “Numbered List” button)
  • (Emoji :))

    • :joy: :joy_cat: :dog: :dog2: :guide_dog: :poodle: :cat: :cat2: :black_cat:
    • (browse, or search by name)
    • :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute:t6:
    • (can adjust skin tone for some emoji) (e.g., “People and Body” category)
  • (Insert date / time)

    • 2022-11-29T06:00:00Z2022-12-03T06:00:00Z
    • (we can’t post dates/listings in the forums, so probably not applicable)

Advanced (the last icon):

  • (Hide Details)

    • Summary

      details go here
      line 2

    • (select the text you want to hide) (then click “Hide Details”)
    • (to show/hide the details) (user clicks the disclosure triangle)
  • (Blur Spoiler)

    • the butler did it
      Darth Vader is …!

    • (select the spoiler text you want to blur) (then click “Blur Spoiler”)
    • (to show/hide the spoiler text)
      • (user hovers over text to unblur slightly)
      • (user clicks the text to unblur fully)
      • (user re-clicks the text to re-blur)
  • (Build Poll)

    • (there are many poll options) (below is just one example)
    • (if need more help, reply here or make a new topic?)
  • cats
  • dogs
  • cogs

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:information_source: This is an example of quoting multiple parts of a reply.

  • (to quote part of a reply)
    • (select the text to quote)
      • (then click the “Quote” button that appears) (or press “q”) (or click “Reply”)
    • (can quote multiple texts/users in one reply)
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:information_source: This is an example of quoting an entire reply.

  • (Quote whole post)
    • (can enter text above, like this)
    • (to quote whole reply) (click the “Quote whole post” button)

:information_source: bonus tricks

  • (bonus) (@mention)
    • @geoff.hom
    • (type @) (a list of people who have replied will show up) (max 6?)
      • (click someone to fill in their name)
      • (or start typing any member’s username) (case doesn’t matter)
        • (a filtered list will appear)
      • (the mentioned user will be notified/pinged) (unless they’ve muted the topic)
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