(a cheat sheet for formatting forum posts) (Markdown)

I wanted something visual to help me know what formatting is possible in a forum post, so I’m making this and sharing.

  • How to use
    • When you want inspiration, just scroll down and see if any formatting sparks joy.
    • To reproduce that formatting, I tried to hint how to do that.
    • You can explore more on your own by looking into Discourse, the forum platform used.


  • In forum posts, you can mix and match Markdown, BBCode, and HTML.
    • And emoji, of course :grin:, plus some other tricks in the formatting menu.
    • I’ll make separate posts/replies for that stuff.
  • For listings/profiles/reviews/feedback, it’s a totally different system. Long story short—there seem very few formatting options.

basic syntax

  • Heading 1 (there are six levels/sizes)

    • # Heading 1

  • Heading 2

  • Heading 3

  • Heading 4

  • Heading 5
  • Heading 6
    • ###### Heading 6

  • bold

    • **bold**

  • italic

    • *italic* or _italic_

  • blockquote
    blockquote, line 2

    blockquote, line 4

    • > blockquote
      > blockquote, line 2
      > blockquote, line 4

  • (ordered list)

    1. item 1
      1. nested item 1
      2. nested item 2
    2. item 2
      • nested item 1 (unordered)
      • nested item 2 (unordered)
    3. item 3
    • 1. item 1
      1. nested item 1 (it's not showing up, but indent 3+ spaces)
      1. nested item 2 (align with above line)
      1. item 2
      * nested item 1 (unordered) (indent 3+ spaces)
      * nested item 2 (unordered)
      1. item 3

  • (unordered list)

    • item 1

      • nested item 1
      • nested item 2
    • item 2

    • * item 1
      * nested item 1 (it's not showing up, but indent 2+ spaces)
      * nested item 2 (align with above)
      * item 2

  • code (aka preformatted text, monospace text)

    • `code (aka preformatted text, monospace text)` (those are backticks, under the ~ key)

  • (horizontal rule/line)

    • ---

  • a link with custom title (this is TH.com)

  • (images)

extended syntax

  • (table)

    header 1 header 2
    row 1 column 2
    row 2 row 2, col 2
    • The easiest way to make a table is to use Excel or Google sheets, then copy-paste the table. Try it!

    • | header 1 | header 2 |
      | - | - |
      | row 1 | column 2 |
      | row 2 | row 2, col 2 |

  • (fenced code block)

    • "lastName": "Smith"
      "age": 25
    • ``` text
      “lastName”: “Smith”
      “age”: 25

  • strikethrough

    • ~~strikethrough~~

  • (checkboxes)

    • (post Markdown cheat sheet to TH forums)
    • nap
    • write BBCode cheat sheet
    • * [] [x] (post Markdown cheat sheet to TH forums)
      * nap
      * [] write BBCode cheat sheet

  • (emoji)

    • That is so funny! :joy:
    • That is so funny! :joy:

  • (footnote)

    • To see footnote, click it, or may need to scroll to very end. [1]
    • To see footnote, or may need to scroll to very end. [^1]
      [^1]: footnote 1.

  • (the below don’t work)

    • (highlight) (highlight these ==very important words==)
    • (subscript) (H~2~O)
    • (superscript) (X^2^)

  1. footnote 1. ↩︎


@geoff.hom Thank you for this!

  • You have been such a wonderful asset to the forum community! :pray:
  • Since you have joined it has not gone unnoticed how much helpful content you have provided. Keep up the fantastic work! :clap:

I do love a fellow geek @geoff.hom will you marry me :joy::rofl::joy:?

PS; you really don’t have to answer that!
When the forum first began, I tried using html but it wouldn’t have it. You are probably aware that you can read up on the features at the platform’s site https://www.discourse.org/features

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@geoff.hom thank you so much for all your helpful insight. We appreciate all the help we can get and it is so great when it is from a like-minded member of our community who is really interested in helping others with their journey.

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Hi @Saltrams :grin:

I actually didn’t know what software the forums were using, and that was on my to-do list today to figure out! Thank you for saving me time! Yeah, I should’ve thought of that before reinventing the wheel. Lol.

I see that Discourse offers wiki posts, and in fact that are exactly 2 in the forums that appear to have been converted that way accidentally. No harm done.

But I was thinking that a TH wiki would be really great. Any plans to have wiki posts in our forums? @Angela-HeadOfCommunity?

On a related note, I also want to help members make well-formatted listings/profiles on the main TH website, but I’m not sure what web elements are being used, or specifically what formatting (e.g. Markdown) they accept. Any idea, @Saltrams? @Ben-ProductManager?

It’s been more than 2 years since I tinkered & tested with Website HTML @geoff.hom but at that time it seemed that no such refinements were possible.
Wouldn’t properly formatted listings and profiles be lovely :blush:?

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Hi @geoff.hom It looks as though you and @Saltrams are enjoying a little tekkie connection, I have to admit it’s not something I can or would contribute to but do enjoy your mutual interest … there may be other members who will join the “club”

Room for a “Geeks Corner” category on the forum @Angela-HeadOfCommunity :joy::rofl:?

It did cross my mind @Saltrams although it looks as though it might be a group of two?? :rofl: