Emoticons in profile/application

I was wondering if you are able to use emoticons in your application and in your profile, like a smiley?
I have seen people use it in their profile and I was wondering how they do it, I have tried it with HTML coding but wasn’t able to do so yet.

Thank you,

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Hi @Rubos a good question, can I just ask are talking about your Forum Profile or your profile on the main TrustedHousesitters platform? Hopefully some of our members who have done this can jump in with an answer!

Yes not on the forum but on the profile and application page

Hi again @Rubos … I didn’t know the answer but I do now :slight_smile: I just tried it on my profile title.
What you do is to right click your mouse and on mine the top item is EMOJI.
Click that and you get a list of emojis to use and add.
I tried adding one and it worked!
Have a go and let me know if it works for you. It could vary I guess depending on operating systems and devices. Not sure on that.
Happy Emoji Sunday

p.s. sunglass emoji was inserted here using same technique

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@Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr @Rubos I also tried, initially using the usual route to add emojis (for me, via Edit) but no luck. it displayed on the screen when I did it, but didn’t display once I saved.

Vanessa, I tried your route but didn’t have that option (MacAir, Safari). I’m wondering whether it’s based on membership level, or your authorization level, rather than device/browser. The mystery continues … :face_with_monocle:

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@Snowbird I am not on a mac (I knew there would be a benefit one day :laughing: :laughing: ) We’ll have to look out for a member with them in the title (I’m sure I saw one recently)!!

I just tried on my mom’s Mac (macOS Monterey vers 12.5.1).

Control-click is how you get to the emojis, and, although everything looked like it took when I hit Save (no error messages), it didn’t show up on my profile. In fact, the verbiage I had after where I inserted it is now gone (I know I didn’t delete it.) :frowning_face:

Bottom line: I don’t recommend doing this on a Mac.

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This also failed for me. I also tried via the TH iPhone app, but nope.

I wonder if this works on Android phones? Linux?