Can I edit a conversation with an HO after I hit reply?

On a few occasions I have hit “reply” in a conversation and then realized I have made a spelling mistake, or left out a word. Is there a way of correcting these after they have been posted? I know I could write a reply off line and cut and paste but even then a word or mistake can get missed.

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Hi Liz,

Look at the reply that you’ve written and below it you’ll see a pencil icon. Click on that and it allows you to edit. Once you save, it’s immediately updated. Fixed :smiley:

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perfect! Thanks so much! Don’t know how I missed that :slight_smile:

Just checked - don’t see the pencil there. Do see it here though, and just used it :slight_smile:

Hi Liz, You can edit on the Forum, but I don’t think there is a way to edit on the main THS site, once you send a message to a HO that’s it.
I’ve often sent an application, then remembered something and had to send a second message…


Great question - I just applied on a sit last night and made a typo and didn’t know we could edit - good to know!

Just saw the comment re editing on the forum but I don’t think it’s possible to edit when applying - anyone know? That would be a great feature.

@Annette see my reply above. No facility to edit on the main site at present.

Yes, as @Petermac says - edits are possible here on the group forum but unfortunately when making an application on the main website

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That seems to be my experience too. Recently I posted a reply and realized that a glitch resulted in several words being left out. Would have been nice to have been able to correct that. A second message was sent but it gets a bit messy :slight_smile:

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