How does a HO send me an invite for a repeat housesit?

A HO for whom I house sat a few weeks ago wants me to sit again in a few weeks time. However she doesn’t know how to ‘invite’ me via THS. As I’m not registered as a HO I don’t know how to do it. Can someone advise please? I can then let her know. Thx.

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Member services sent me these instructions when I asked this earlier.
*Log in to your account
*Select your name in the top right corner (this will show as three lines on mobile/tablet)
*Select inbox from the drop-down menu
*Select the sitter’s name you wish to invite
*Select ‘invite to private dates’
*Here you can add your new private dates for your sitter


@Southernsitter Thank you!!!

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Thank you @Southernsitter! We’ve been asked by homeowners how to do this, but have always had to respond that while we know it can be done, but we don’t have the same interface and therefore don’t know how to do it.

We’ve saved this for future reference! :slight_smile: