How does TrustedHousesitters work? :)


I am an 34 yes old women living in Norway with my pets. I am new here and I wonder how this works. Maybe I just havent figured out the site yet :sweat_smile:

I often travel with some of my pets or place some in an other location so the person at my house dosent have them all.

For exemple in january there will be 3 dogs at home and rabbits, rats and 1 bird.
The cat and one dog goes to a friend.
My horses I exchange and get people at the stable to look after. This time my stable job is also taken care of. I have people for the week except 3 days. I now wonder if ai should get someone for the whole week.

The house is a little cabin between Oslo City and the forrest. No neighbours and bus right outside, 15 min walk to where the city starts so location is amazing. But its an older cabin with outside toilet. But hot water/shower and all indoors.


Hi @Freeheartbird
A big welcome to the forum and all our amazing community of members who will certainly give you excellent advice.

I would suggest that you read through the following link to get an idea of how to get started on the website.

There will be many sitters that would love the opportunity of living in an off-grid cabin near Oslo City, and I would say, that many sitters would prefer to sit for the whole week, and this also lessens your stress levels, co-ordinating sitters and pets.